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Thread: Debate: Is this the worst reality show ever?

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    If Amanda was back to do the show, instead of the slow-talking whoever whatever whenever host.....it might just kick the show a notch up.

    Not as much Drama as we've witness on Paradise Hotel....well...we'll see

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    Forever Eden is by far the


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    Quote Originally Posted by Krizia
    Forever Eden is by far the

    I disagree...it started out raggedy, but it was starting to shape up into something worth watching.

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    My biggest beef with the show is the overdone drama effects. All the preplays and replays (5 minutes after they happen), and pregnant pauses, and Dah dun DAAAHHHH! sound effects, and commercial breaks before revealing... kind of stuff. It seems like with all that crap thrown in, for an hour show we get about 15 minutes of ACTUAL plot progression.

    There are a FEW exceptions, like when they replay someone saying something they're in the process of saying they never said... (if you can follow me).... well, that can be kind of funny. But even THAT's overdone.

    Frankly, I watch in the same way people watch train wrecks... I want to see if it gets better, or if not, how bad it gets.

    Not really losing a lot of sleep with it being gone though.
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