I think some of your are over-analyzing the first two episodes of the show. I was going to quit watching MBFOF because of the cruelty toward Randi , but I hung in there for another episode. Then I decided to quit watching the "Randi Show" I just didn't like her character.
Now I have 11 characters to choose to like or dislike. I have DVM doing the play-by-play to subliminally pull us in the direction the producers want us to go (love that guy) and I have the "obviously subtle" (oxymoron) foreshadowing another element of Fox's that I love. The only thing about thsi game that I don't like is taht they are eliminating people too quickly. I don't know that it's because these folks have sen enough of these reality shows that they are trying to "play" a game they believe they already have figured out, but in essence are clueless to the power of the producers.

Didn't the original press release about the show say that the producers were going to control who was coming and going? It's obvious to me at this point that they clearly meant it.