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Thread: Do you think FOX would 'trap' anyone there?

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    On the FOX website that said each contestant would be paid according to how long they stayed. An incentive to stick around....

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    The participants will have no contact with the outside world once they are at the resort, which will be located outside of the United States. "Eden" will show participants saying goodbye to their families and making their final phone calls before walking away from their old lives.
    The incentive to stay is money. The longer a person stays, the more money he will win. If a participant is asked to leave "Eden," he gets to keep half of the money he has earned. However, "If you leave of your own volition, [because] you say, 'I can't take it anymore,' you lose all your money.

    Even though they are living in luxury and it's going to be wonderful, they are going to introduce elements to make it not so wonderful. Surprise guests may arrive, who are there to stir things up, who won't necessarily be members of the cast but could be people from their lives or their past."

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