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Thread: Kassie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Why would the fact that she's successfully supporting herself (assuming we take that poster's word on that) preclude her from wanting to appear on network TV to further boost her career?
    Mainly because it's a show that has no definite ending date. Who knows she could be tied up for months with this and in the meantime passing up some wonderful opportunities in Nashville. Maybe she was just a one-hit-wonder?

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    Look at the picture again!! Tell me that it doesn't look like a tattoo around her naval. If it's not, then she drew it on before the picture.

    Also, funnygirl...don't forget... If she's so popular in the music industry, WHY would she go on a trashy show like this, make out with whomever and basically strip away any redeeming quality she may have had?
    I can see her trying out for American Idol..or Star Search.. but Forever Eden!?!? uhhh...no. Wrong venue.
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    can people on this thread with 1 post(s) please identify there relationship to Kassie (since they registered specifically to post on this thread)

    anyways, i see Michael is handling his bizness while he's there

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    Mainly because it's a show that has no definite ending date. Who knows she could be tied up for months with this and in the meantime passing up some wonderful opportunities in Nashville. Maybe she was just a one-hit-wonder?
    There's no downside I think. Nobody saying she's recorded--just that she is known around town and gets gigs. There will be a gap in her getting new bookings when she gets out of this show, simply because people book ahead, but on the other hand she has the chance of some producer seeing her on it and getting a recording contract. It seems worth the risk to me. At the very minimum, she'll be able to say she's had nationwide media exposure and hang a " as seen on TV" plaque somewhere. Most ambitious people aren't going to be happy simply being marginally successful--they want to be stars.

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    I was judt in Nashvilee (her hometown) this weekend and what did I see in the paper? Kassie won The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search on CMT! Here's the article

    Antioch resident wins reality show
    Miller earns 'Ultimate Coyote Ugly' title

    Staff Writer

    One out of three ain't bad.

    Antioch's Mandisa Hundley got bounced from "American Idol," and Donald Trump fired Nashville's Charmaine Hunt about halfway through this season of NBC's "The Apprentice."

    But on last night's season finale for CMT's "The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search," Nashville finally scored a win. Singer Kassie Miller of Antioch scored the title, $25,000 cash and a job at the Coyote Ugly bar on Second Avenue. (She starts tonight.)

    "It was the most mentally and physically exhausting thing I've ever done. But it was incredibly rewarding, too," Miller said.

    Miller, 23, hopes to turn the win and the TV exposure into a major record-label deal.

    An Alabama native, Miller moved here five years ago to pursue her singer dreams, starting out at Lonnie's karaoke bar in Printers Alley.

    That was a fun job but a costly one, too. Miller needed surgery after a couple of years because she was singing so much that she damaged her vocal cord. After that, Vanderbilt doctors told her not to sing for a year.

    But Miller says she's back and vocally stronger than ever, getting ready to put together a demo CD and shop it on Music Row.

    In the meantime, Miller said she looks forward to entertaining folks and slinging drinks at Coyote Ugly, a chain known for its bawdy, strong-willed bartenders who occasionally jump up on the bar to sing or dance for rowdy (mostly male) patrons.

    Those who don't recognize Miller from the CMT show might know her from her stint on Fox reality TV show "Forever Eden" a couple of years ago.

    You might see her at the bar, but you probably won't see her on TV anytime soon.

    "You know what? Never say never, but as of right now, I've had all I need of reality TV," she said, laughing. "Maybe I'll get my own show one day."

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    I watched the marathon this weekend Unk! I yelled to my bf, honey! Kassie won something! hee hee
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    I watched the Coyote Ugly marathon a couple of days ago and it was driving me crazy wondering where I had seen Kassie before! (Rita from Survivor:Fiji was on too, but eliminated early)
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