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Thread: Ruth England, Host

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    Dear Sirs/Madams,
    In response to your irreverent attack on our dearest of angels (Miss Ruth England) i find myself unable to contain my annoyances further.Miss England is a fine and eloquent host of many british tv shows,Your lack of respect for Miss England and her beauty only go to prove further your vulgar infatuation with (from what i understand having viewed some of your american programming),sickly sweet host's who are prepared to tell potential contestants that they "did great" when they were clearly inept or totally talentless at what they were attempting,American Idol being a prime example,Simon being the only judge of integrity or honesty and furthermore your attack on the english language,Well excuse me but dont you Americans speak (or be it irritatingly and without correct diction or cadence)English.Example,Alumin ium beomes (phonetically)Aloominum,Basil becomes Baseil and probably the most annoying Mirror becomes Meeror.I suggest the next time to post a comment relating to the subject you actually bother to investigate the matter before you post uneducated comments.

    P.S It's colour NOT color (sorry if that confuses you).

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    Thank you for your opinion. I am sure Miss Ruth England is a fine host of many British tv shows - however, this thread is regarding the US version of 'Forever Eden', of which, unfortunately, Ms. England was not so eloquent. And if you think we prefer sickly sweet hosts, then perhaps you didn't understand the American programming you were watching, or did "you actually bother to investigate the matter before you post(ed) uneducated comments"? For example, Ms England got off nicely compared to our ongoing critique of Julie Chen (US BigBrother). Glad to see you find Simon the only judge on American Idol worth listening to - many of us agree - and I doubt you'll find many praises of the sickly sweet Paula Abdul's judging comments on this site, either.

    As far as "It's colour NOT color", please feel free to explain how you know that to be fact, as I am sure there are as many resources stating the opposite is true.

    P.S. - Phonetically, Aluminium does NOT become Aloominum - however, Aluminum DOES. And for the record, yes, it was maybe originally spelled Aluminum.

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    I personally liked Ruth a lot. I wish I was able to see more programs that she hosted. You really shouldn't have gotten so offended though UK-Gentleman because in this case, Ruth was a host for an American show and she's not going to be liked by everyone. Especially on here of all places, where half the fun people have is snarking on everyone involved on these shows. Any fault a TV personality might have, it will be said here and then intensified for the entertainment of the other posters. Not like that is something I enjoy as I mostly just like the discussion & not the making fun of, but it's really not something to get offended over.

    P.S Being in Canada, it's colour for me too.

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    I read your opinion about Ruth England and that she was too nice!! (even sickly)

    Not sure if Americans like presenters to be obnoxious but here in England we tend to ridicule these bad mannered people and often include them as characters in our comdedy programmes so that they can be laughed at. And don't have them hosting tv shows.

    Just on the point about "Colour". It's spelt that way because it is an English word and can be found in the English dictionary. It is used by most of the Commonwealth which includes a far greater number of people than the USA.
    As the saying goes, "All of them people can't be wrong!"

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