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Thread: "Forever Eden" to premiere on Fox on March 1

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    Aww man, I never even thought about the dynamics of the political alliances and crap that could happen... I think people who have "seniority" in the house are gonna try and create alliances to keep the $, and you know that the newbies are gonna kick them off and stuff... but do people actually gain from others getting kicked off? if not, then people might not need to overthrow the veterans... i can't wait to see how exactlly this is going to work.

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    "I want a one-way ticket to Ee-eden"
    I'm already thinking of the P-Ho theme song reworked for Forever Eden . . . I honestly can't wait. This is gonna be a great show!

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    Paradise Hotel is all about drama. I have never been so upset at a reality show. It's great! I hope they bring back Toni. I hate her soo much!! Actually, there are several people from Paradise Hotel that I hate, and would love to see on this show. How about Zach and Amy back!

    I hope they don't change their format at all. It's a great format, but it crosses lines that none of the other major networks will touch. Fox is in a great situation with this show.

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    Thanks sassyme007... I heard theyre going to have ex's come on and stay with contestants, haha...so what other kinds of twists do you think theyll have to make it hard for people to stay on the island?

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    I saw the commercial for it tonight. I think if you look closely, the snake has Toni's bug-eyes.

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    Add me to the sounds like Paradise Hotel list. :rolleyes
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    I think they should put more information in the commercials. I had no idea what this was about just from watching TV. I figured, "okay, so they'll get to live in Paradise forever. And I want to watch this why?" Reading this explains it a little better. Maybe I'll just catch a few episodes to see what its all about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg
    i'm definately gonna be there, i barely seen the commercial a few days ago and thought of P-Ho

    toni is definately returning as the serpent

    i can see them reworking the themesong "i want my ticket to eden"
    I was thinking worm in the apple ...

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    I cant wait, but I dont trust the ads where you may stay in forever. You guys remember PH 'you have to hookup to stay it'. If you consider hooking up staying in the same room then OK. I dont remember (thank god) Dave hooking up with anyone. But sounds good, I will be along for the ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    ::wiping tears away:: (wish we had a happy cry smilie)

    I CALL FRONT ROW!!!!!!!! (grabbing a seat quicky!) Yes..I'm being for real...think of it like the Star Wars movies and how the Trekkies would stand in the movie line for months. sad, yes..I know.

    What I'm wondering...how LONG is this gonna be?! (unless I skimmed over that part) But they're saying it could be YEARS that they stay there. ?? Would the show go on for years!?!? Not getting that one. It's gonna be hard to not call it PHo2..wonder why they changed the name. FE doesn't have the oomph as PHo does. Maybe we should call it Feh! LOL Or Feeden..or Forden, or ........

    Where's totoro, my PHo buddy!?!?!?!

    *Passes Maveno her hanky after blowing her nose in it* It is WRONG to love a trashy crappy show this much.

    Yeah! Where is totoro, Yellow Apple, CharlaFan, and all the other Paradise Hotel addicts? Time to reunite!

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