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Because you were a responsible parent--a preschooler really can't operate a stove safely. But I could buy a preschooler might be able to help mix something (though some preschoolers don't have the attention span to be much interested).
He actually did everything but the cooking. He would get out the ingredients, measure them, and mix them. (It didn't take very long for him to memorize the recipe.)

What would freak people out was that he would do all this sitting on the kitchen floor :-) But it didn't bother us...it was easy to clean (because oh my goodness there was sometimes quite the mess). And the stuff either went in the bowl or it didn't...he never picked anything up off the floor and then put it in the bowl.

(He also learned really fast that it was much harder for us to say "no" if the batter was already made ;-) )