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Thread: 6/02 FNS9 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    6/02 FNS9 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    "Are Your Ready for Prime Time?" - Twelve new contestants compete to host their own show on Food Network. The three hosts (Bobby, Giada and Alton) are no longer mentors, they are now judges. I guess the chefs are on their own this time...

    Forum threads will reopen after the show airs on the West Coast (10PM PT / 1AM ET).

    Enjoy the show!
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    Re: 6/02 FNS9 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Well, after about 10 minutes of the show, I can already well you who my LEAST favorite contestant is and I even have a runner-up for the position.

    I'm thinking Chad, Damaris and Stacey, along with Andres and possibly Viet will be the ones I root for.

    Danushka, Lovely, Chris and Nikki annoyed me right off the bat. I knew Danushka wouldn't get sent home in the first episode. She is the one we're all gonna love to hate, the one who sticks around for far too long.
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    Re: 6/02 FNS9 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I only saw the first 15 min and last 10 (got a phone call in the middle), so I'll have to watch the middle later. I'm glad they're not doing the teams again, and I'm glad viewers will get to vote for the winner.

    I don't know anyone's name yet, but there were definitely a few who I wouldn't mind being sent home. Concept-wise, I liked the one that was "vegetables with meat on the side." Before the show started, I realized I no longer watch any cooking shows and thought about what shows I would watch - I'd watch a show about cooking low-carb meals, or one with a fast-and-fresh concept.

    The pie guy is interesting, but the concept is too limiting, even with sweet and savory pies.

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    Re: 6/02 FNS9 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I like the format this year. The same players but in different roles. I also like that they did a presentation right off the bat and used focus group voting. Talk about diving into the deep end.

    I didn't latch onto one as a favorite yet, but prior knowledge of Danushka puts her on my "can't wait until she is gone" list. A few of the women were too perky while the others, along with the men, need to bring up their energy.

    It was a hoot seeing them cooking elbow to elbow for the first food challenge. I liked that they each did something different with the potato - I think they really did try to each put themselves on the plate, as the saying goes.

    Looking forward to the mass competition rather than a team competition. With other shows also doing teams this year, the all for one format is refreshing.
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    Next New Food Network Star

    Good premiere. They keep this show fresh and many other reality shows should pay attention! It was interesting to see the focus group rating in the corner of the screen when doing their 30 second introduction.

    I agreed, the woman from Peru should have gone. It sure looks like Chad/Chet the barbeque guy will win this. I am not crazy about barbequed food other than a few times every summer. I never make it nor do I go to restaurants that specialize in this. Bobby Flay is the only guy on food network that has this theme and he has moved onto other things.

    The woman, "from the pan to glam," can go soon as far as I am concerned. The model will be entertaining for awhile as will the goofy blonde, love her.
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    Re: 6/02 FNS9 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    So far the "veges with meat on the side" would be a show I would watch to get recipe ideas. I want to see what that other lady's "Vintage Kitchen" is all about.

    Can't stand Lovey, Danushka the model, and the mohawk guy (don't recall his name). I agree, that Danushka will stick around far too long just for the drama factor. Ugh.

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    Re: 6/02 FNS9 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I really like that they're not doing teams again this year. I really didn't like that format at all last year.

    So far I like Nikki, Viet, and Chad (minus the hair). Lovely is already the most annoying. The mohawk guy's (can't remember his name) presentation was creepy. I think he'll be the next to go.
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    Re: 6/02 FNS9 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Lovely was on HK. Since most of the time it seems those people can barely cook, I wouldn't trust her on her own cooking show.

    Danushka was annoying on Chopped, she is annoying here, but we need our villain.
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