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Thread: Diabetes - do you really know your numbers?

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    Diabetes - do you really know your numbers?

    Something I just learned, thanks to my husband having recently been diagnosed diabetic, is that Iím somewhat glucose intolerant as well. I feel Iíve made major strides in the past year in how I eat, but not consistently enough, and I canít handle the carbs I like to bindge on occasionally. I know this now because Iím using a home glucose meter to test myself various times of the day including before and after typical meals and selected indulgences. Also, the numbers now mean something to me. Because I have maintained a chart of hubbyís bloodwork for several years, itís clear to me now that hubby was undiagnosed diabetic for at least a year and prediabetic for a long time before them. None of his several doctors including his cardiologist ever bothered to mention anything. Elevated blood glucose is inflammatory and a risk factor for many serious conditions Iíd just as soon avoid.

    Anyone can afford to get a basic handle on this because there are cheap meters out there which offer a full refund for the price of a stamp (at least the CVS model) and that include a number of starter lancets and test strips. Going forward, itís the test strips that are so expensive. More affordable if your doctor will write you a prescription, but there is no prohibition on home testing if youíre willing to absorb the cost. Fasting glucose numbers arenít enough. Neither is glycated hemoglobin (A1c), which your doctor may have tested you for. You canít really know how your body handles carbs without testing yourself under different conditions. I still have a lot of flexibility in what I eat but hubby doesnít and heís really bemoaning the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle. Iím not ready to go severely low carb and I donít have to. Yet. Hubby probably does but I doubt heíll ever agree to. It would have been nice to have discovered his glucose intolerance/insulin resistance long before this.

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    Re: Diabetes - do you really know your numbers?

    Testing blood sugar is something that many people really avoid. I'm a type I diabetic and have to test mulitiple times per day. I do it anywhere and everywhere. What's funny is that over the years, I have NEVER seen another person checking their blood sugar in public or in a restroom! I've never seen anyone give themselves a shot of insulin either, except once. I've seen seen anyone test their BS even at Diabetes Conventions that I have attended where there are hundreds of diabetics! I don't understand it. It blows my mind. Why are people not testing when they are out and about. Go figure.

    I'm delighted to have met with my endocrinologist yesterday and she advised that the Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems have come a long way recently. I'm going to get one! I have to go in for training on how to use it. I can hardly wait. It alarms when your blood sugars go too high and/or too low. That's very important for people who are insulin dependent.
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