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Thread: What is your favorite food culture?

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    Re: What is your favorite food culture?

    I finally got to try Indian food. My co-workers and I went to an Indian restaurant with a buffet for lunch, which was a perfect way for me to sample different dishes and see what I liked. I started with a salad, then got coconut soup, naan, vegetable korma, chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, chicken tandoori, basmati rice, and I'm not sure what else (many of the items weren't labeled). For dessert, I sampled the mango pudding, rice pudding, and gulab jamun.

    I've had coconut soup at a Thai restaurant before and basmati rice at a Greek restaurant so I knew I'd like those.

    The spiciest dish ended up being the vegetable korma. It was not only spicy as I was eating it but it had the type of spice that built as I ate it, so each bite was tasting hotter and hotter. I was glad I didn't get that alone as my meal because it would have been too much for me. I don't mind some spice if it adds flavor but if the heat gets so strong it obliterates my taste buds, it's not good.

    The chicken tikka masala was my favorite dish. The chicken was nice and tender, the sauce was smooth, and there were a lot of good flavors in it. If I ever get Indian food again, I would would get it as my main dish.

    The chicken curry and chicken tandoori were ok but not memorable. Also, they were whole chicken legs so they were more difficult to eat than the chicken tikka masala, which was chunks of chicken.

    The naan was ok but nothing to write home about. My co-workers raved about it like it was the breadsticks at Olive Garden but it tasted no different than regular pita bread to me. I used mine to eat alongside the vegetable korma to tame down the spiciness of it.

    The mango pudding and rice pudding were both wonderful and so soothing after the hot dishes I had earlier.

    One of my co-workers got the gulab jamun and let all of us try it. I liked the first bite but then I got the sensation in my mouth I get when I have something with artificial sweeteners (kind of a drying sensation). The menu didn't indicate if there were artificial sweeteners in it but I'm guessing there were. That kind of ruined it for me.

    All in all, I'm happy that I finally got to try Indian food. I don't think it will ever become my favorite cuisine but I might go there from time to time when I'm craving something different.

    BTW, one of my co-workers apparently only eats hamburgers so she got the buffet but only ate salad, fruit, and the mango pudding. I thought what a waste that she wouldn't even try anything else on the buffet. She was afraid that everything would be too spicy for her. We assured her that not all of it was spicy and I advised her that the vegetable korma would be too much for her but the chicken tikka masala was mild. She wouldn't even try a bite of it.
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    Re: What is your favorite food culture?

    Mexican, Indian & Vietnamese for my top faves.

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