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Thread: Yoga

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    Yoga anyone? What are your thoughts, experiences, results of/from yoga as a form exercise and/or relaxation?

    I'm middle-aged, a former dancer (ballet) who knows the benefits gained from stretching. However, it's been too many years, and the road will be long.

    I have a Wii Fit and have started the Yoga training, I have a DVD I've never used but plan to. I'm ever hopeful to get back my flexibility, tone, and maybe burn some (well, a lot ) of fat!.

    Will you please share you experiences, recommendations, opinions?
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    Re: Yoga

    I've been doing Wii Fit yoga and I've already noticed a major difference in my flexibility.

    Wai Lana is also good (and has a show that airs in my area) but the moves that she does on the show are pretty advanced. I've heard good things about her Beginner's Yoga DVD so I might pick that up at some point.

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    Re: Yoga

    I go once a week to yoga.Its helped me with stress, and its helped me alot with flexibility. I would take a class first, before doing a DVD, its so different, and a good teacher will be able to show you what you are doing right and wrong. I highly recommend yoga.

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    Re: Yoga

    Love yoga. I've been "practicing" for just over a year, and the improvement in my flexibility is amazing, better than I thought possible. I don't go to class often, partly due to lack of opportunity and partly because what drew me to yoga was the simplicity of it - all you need is a mat. In class, we're dragging out the blocks, the straps...bleah.

    I use a couple of very different yoga DVDs. Jillian Michaels' yoga DVD is not "real" yoga - she uses yoga poses but performs them in reps. So if you're looking for that mental relaxation you can get with traditional forms of yoga, don't use her DVD - it's more of a workout. However, you'll still get the benefits of the exercise component of yoga.
    I also use a Rodney Yee DVD. I like him because it's all very straightforward, his cues are timely, and he speaks only when necessary.
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    Re: Yoga

    This is more of an eastern-western mix, so it may not fit what you're looking for SugarMama, but... there's a DVD I like, "Yogalates", by Louise Solomon; some yoga, and some pilates (using resistance bands). I'll warn that it's very beginner-ish, with lots of explaination about how to breathe and hold your core alignment effectively. I appreciate this because I've never taken a class and have really weak abs made worse from a surgery, so it's educational and challenging enough for me, but I imagine it would not be a good fit for someone more fit or experienced.
    I'd never considered wii fit yoga, but after reading about the good experiences here, I now want to try it.
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    Re: Yoga

    I've been doing Yoga for years and it's definitely improved my flexibility.
    I tend to excel at things that require strength and have upper body strength more like that of men.
    I've never been super flexible in my hip flexor area, so the Yoga has really improved that.
    I also find 1 of the best things about class is that I block everything else out and just concentrate on the poses.
    Yoga and Pilates, the latter probably more so, have really made my core / abdomen strong and flat.
    I think the key to Yoga is in the instructor. I've never used a DVD. I prefer a class or individual 1 on 1. I've had some poor instructors through the years and I've stopped taking their classes.
    Some don't understand the human body that well and / or expect that everyone is super limber. They're not. We all have unique traits and they vary tremendously.
    I also prefer a teacher who doesn't just sit and do the poses, but walks around and makes sure we're doing them correctly. Some instructors, I've found, just like to show off their own flexibility / prowess, rather than helping their students.
    My present Yoga teacher is excellent and has been teaching for years. I think that is the key to getting the most out of Yoga.

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    Re: Yoga

    I've tried 3 different Yoga instructors and two different videos but haven't been able to do Yoga. I have knee injuries so I can't do any pose where my weight is on my knees. I have high blood pressure and most of the inverted poses make me feel a dangerous throbbing in my neck and head. I have almost zero balance ability on either foot and have to hold onto a chair back. I know there are adapted Yoga classes for all kinds of physical abilities, but I haven't found a good fit for me.
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    Re: Yoga

    I agree with norealityhere about the instructors. I tried a couple of yoga videos, but never understood what the big deal was. Then, a friend of mine talked me in to trying a class with her. It was a totally different experience for me. I found out that you can put your body in the position of a pose without really doing the pose properly. When you do that, you're not getting the benefit, only wasting your time. I have a really great teacher now who walks around the room, and also explains poses in ways that really make sense to me, reminding me of where to put my weight, what to think about and stuff like that. Now, I feel like I'm really getting a workout. I think the videos are good if you've already learned from a teacher and are looking for guidance from pose to pose. But I think you can really miss out on a lot if you do just the videos that you may be doing wrong.

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    Re: Yoga

    I have never taken a yoga class in person, but I have used DVDs for a number of years and this set is my fav;
    Amazon.com: Jennifer Kries' Pilates Method: 3 Dimensional Toning/Precision Pilates/Perfect Mix: Jennifer Kries: Movies & TV

    It is really a mix of yoga and pilates and even a bit of ballet, but she is very good about explaining for beginners and talking about modifications if you are less flexible. She incorporates light weights, but they are optional.

    More recently I did want to try something in person and started taking Tai Chi classes. I'm really enjoying them and the yoga I have done has really helped in the sense that it helps you develop and awareness of body position and movement.

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    Columbia, MD

    Re: Yoga

    I did yoga for a number of years until an unfortunate accident last October.

    I've always gone to a class and felt this was the better way since the instructors could help you with your poses, or help you modify them if needed due to physical limitations. I've done anusara and hatha yoga, and also yoga nidra (a totally mind-bending and relaxing experience). I don't have the self-discipline to do it at home, except for 15-20 minute intervals. One of the things you do improve on with yoga is balance, and this is most important as we grow older.

    The first principle of yoga is "honor your body." If you cannot do a pose fully, do it the best you can. You will still get a lot out of the experience. Yoga is excellent for mind and body.

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