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Thread: Just Soups

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    Re: Just Soups

    Quote Originally Posted by lildago;3317789;
    I agree with myrosiedog. There are no rules for soup! My mom says that growing up(she was one of ten children), my grandmother would clean out the fridge at the end of the week. Whatever was leftover went into a pot of soup.

    I also add the cooked rice or pasta to individual bowls rather than to the pot. It tends to soak up too much broth of the soup otherwise and becomes too mushy....for my liking anyway.

    ETA: Ana, that sounds easy. I think I may try it with chicken this weekend.
    My mom used to do that too.

    I have added leftover mashed potatos to soup. It's a great thickener and flavor enhancer. I've even added leftover stuffing to turkey or chicken soup and it's great too. It and the potatos sort of "disappear" in the soup, make it thicker and tastier.

    Ana, that sounds good. I have a similar recipe that doesn't use cream cheese or cream, but as I like both, I can't wait to try yours.

    I'll have to post my version again. I know I've posted it on fort before.
    We call it Southwestern or Sante Fe Stew. But it's more souplike to me.
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    Re: Just Soups

    Thanks for the recipes. I knew this was a good idea! I love, love, love soup!

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    Re: Just Soups

    I was just thinking of starting a soup thread today! What is your favorite type of soup? Do you have a favorite brand you buy or do you make your own soup?

    I've always been a fan of soup and sandwiches. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich was my favorite while growing up but along the way I developed a preference for Cream of Chicken soup instead. That's what I had for lunch today.

    I usually buy Campbell's soup or sometimes Chunky Soups. I like the cream soups, vegetable beef soup, beef with barley, many others. I don't like clam chowder as much as I used to. I got some bad clam chowder in a seafood restaurant several years ago and I still get that taste in my mouth when I try to eat clam chowder now. I don't know if I'll ever like it as much again.

    I love the Toscana soup at Olive Garden! If I ever tried making soup at home, that's the one I'd like to make.

    I have to laugh at the commercial with Zooey Deschanel where she checks with her phone to find a restaurant that delivers tomato soup. Who does that??? It's so easy to open a can of tomato soup, or if you had the ingredients on hand it doesn't seem too difficult to make. I couldn't imagine spending the money to get soup alone delivered. Maybe it's a big city thing, I don't know. Or a rich people thing. Does she keep paper towels, napkins, and toothpicks at home or does she just order out when she needs them?
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    Re: Just Soups

    I love soups :-) But I usually make my own...it's easier to control the sodium (the "low sodium" and "sodium-free" soups that they sell always taste funny to me).

    And LOL with you at the Zooey commercial :-) By the time it gets to her, it will be cold!
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    Re: Just Soups

    My name is Peg and I am a soupaholic.
    I always start with celery, onions and garlic sauteed in olive oil then the soup develops according to what I have on hand. I always try to throw in some healthy things like barley and quinoa. I don't use canned broths, I create my own but my secret ingredient is V-8 juice.
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    Re: Just Soups

    I am also a soup lover and I put all the vegetables whatever I like in soups without thinking if they should be put in it or not.

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