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    Critical since you have access to a microwave, what about those lunch-y type meals that are in the little bowls in the prepared (not refrigerated) aisle. I've never paid much attention to what they actually are (), but I think they're like chili, pastas, etc. Do you know what I'm talking about, or do I just sound loony?

    Otherwise, what about yogurts (I've never refrigerated those when taking to work...unless it's 100║ outside), combined with small amounts of raisins, nuts, etc.?
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    Goodness almighty! People here might mean well, but do NOT take something frozen and let it thaw at room temperature! Not unless you want to invite some nice food poisoning to lunch! If you haven't met food poisoning, you don't want to, unless you want a new relationship with your toilet. Don't take chances with that stuff!

    *coming from a cat who has HAD food poisoning*
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    In the health food section of our store we have some healthy type soups and chilis that you put boiling water in - I think the brand is Nile. They are pretty good. How about an apple with sliced cheddar cheese. NOt original but oh so yummy. Add a handful of almonds and you're in there.
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    Thanks for ALL the suggestions everyone! I'm going to go to the grocery store tomorrow to see what kinds of things I can find. The trick will be to plan ahead and NOT go into the union if I'm not wild about my lunch. Otherwise, I'll cave and end up with Chicken Vindaloo!
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    Critical, I put my apples and oranges in the refrigerator, so when I put one in my little lunch (or six-pack, as you said) cooler, it keeps my salad nice and crisp until lunch time. I have also carried a couple of cold apples and oranges to keep a leftover stir fry or whatever cool until lunch. If you are really worried about the temperature, put the whole cooler in the fridge until the next morning!
    To save prep time, just use the pre cut salad and add a little broccoli, onion, etc that you cut up a few days worth at a time. You can also add a few ounces of chicken or tuna, but it works better traveling in its own teeny container and being added at meal time.
    Get the big bag of pretzels or whatever you like for a snack and divide it into individual zip lock bags.
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    Help! I need an idea for pork chops. We're having some friends over and I had planned to grill them later today but it's raining. Any suggestions? My husband is very picky and usually won't eat them unless they're grilled or breaded and fried(which I won't do).
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    Help! I need an idea for pork chops. We're having some friends over and I had planned to grill them later today but it's raining. Any suggestions? My husband is very picky and usually won't eat them unless they're grilled or breaded and fried(which I won't do).
    lildago: here's two really, really simple recipes that I have used for years. The first is from a beer-drinking friend of mine who adds beer to just about anything he can. But, his success stories outweigh the failures.


    Serves two; double or triple at will

    4 pork chops (with no bones)
    1 cup mushrooms, sliced (I like to use exotic mushroom mixes)
    2 Tablespoons of butter
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1 cup beer (any kind you like) I use MGD Miller
    2 tablespoons onion soup mix

    1) SautÚ mushrooms in 2 tablespoons of butter. Once mushrooms begin to shrink, add pork chops and BROWN ONLY! Remove to crock pot or oven dish or choice, depending upon volume of pork chops used.

    2) Pour beer into the frying pan that held mushrooms, and de-glaze the surface. Add mushroom soup and onion soup mix, stir until warm. Add back the mushrooms, stir well.

    3) If using crock pot, pour in half of the mushroom/beer mix, layer the pork chops, add remaining mixture and cook, on high for 3-4 hours. If baking, put pork chops into casserole dish, pour mixture on top, cover and bake for an hour at 375 degrees.

    4) Dish up pork chops and serve sauce over rice or baked potatoes.
    Serve with rice.

    This next dish is one that I created too many years ago to remember. I make this in huge batches and freeze them in single serving amounts to enjoy throughout the year.


    Serves two, so double or triple at will

    4 Pork Chops
    4 Cloves of Garlic, chopped
    1 Small yellow onion, chopped
    2 Tablespoons of butter
    1 Red Pepper, cut into strips
    2 Cans of Diced Tomatoes with whatever flavoring you like: sometimes I do Italian blends, sometimes I have Mexican blends. Can size is around 14.5 ounces. If I feel like it, I throw in a can of corn, too.

    1) SautÚ the garlic, red pepper and onions until transparent. During the last stages of cooking the onions/garlic, BROWN ONLY, the pork chops. Remove pork chops to a platter.

    2) Add the cans of diced tomato mixtures and can of corn to the pan, stir ingredients.

    3) In crock pot, place half of tomato mixture in bottom, layer pork chops, add remaining tomato mixture.

    3) Cook on high for 3-4 hours. Serve pork chops and sauce over rice or oven baked potato wedges.

    These dishes are so easy, no brainers and the scent and taste is out of this world! Good luck, lildago!
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    Lildago, have you ever tried Chicken Marengo? It's a stew that's based on a tomato-vinegar sauce, and traditionally made with mushrooms and lots of vegetables stewed on a hot stove for over an hour. When I bake pork chops, I've found you can get that same delicious tomato-vinegar taste as CM without stewing it on the stove. Basically, all you do is dump a can of diced tomatoes over the chops then add a canful of vinegar (any variety) over the chops, cover, and bake. You can add mushrooms, green peppers, onions at will. It goes well over rice, and the chops don't dry out.

    You can alter it to suit you better, use tomato paste instead of tomatoes, add salt, or even use spaghetti sauce or tomato soup instead of tomatoes. The critical ingredient is the vinegar. It may not sound appealing on paper but it turns out so good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat View Post
    The critical ingredient is the vinegar. It may not sound appealing on paper but it turns out so good.
    Hep, the only thing I've ever known that used vinegar was my grandmother's vinegar butter roll, which was delicious. Her father was originally from Prussia and he brought the recipe over in a trunk filled with all his possessions from the old world. He said that the last time he saw his mother she was standing on the dock, scratching flea bites and waving good-bye. The only thing he had to remember her by was her recipe. Ah, memories.

    Unfortunately I never got the recipe. I asked my mother for it a few years ago and she said grandma never gave it out, so I guess it died with her.

    Anyway, I said all that to ask, is this your own recipe? I mean, is it a googled recipe or a family recipe, and what's the story behind it?

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    Since we're talking vinegar recipes, I'm always a sucker for Sauerbraten and red cabbage. We're having that for lunch this week at work and I've already commenced the droolage.

    I also use vinegar in my hot wings. Wierd thing about vinegar is that it's nasty by itself but can really do wonders with the right combo of ingredients.
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