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Thread: Recipes

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    I got this secret recipe for thanksgiving turkey.... its just fantastic. but it needs advance prep time.

    OK, obviously the bird.
    create a brine mixture, with a quart of water, a cup of sea or kosher salt. 1/2 cup of sugar, a piece of candied ginger. and some peppercorns. I use a mixture of black, white and szechuan. Heat until everything is dissolved.
    Cool. Put into a plastic container and add the bird.

    now, add 1-2 cups of bourbon to the mix. let the bird sit there overnight.

    next day rinse the bird of excess moisture Preheat oven to 500. insert bird. cook 1/2 hour, reduce heat to 225, and cover breast. cook till done (I use a electronic thermometer that i stick into the bird, and let it alarm me when its 10 degrees below done. at that point, I take the bird out and cover) It will still hit 'cooked' temperature, but will not overcook.

    The taste. juicy (very, even when frozen later), with a deep rich taste (with undertones of oak). I will often fill the cavity with aromatics (fresh dill, rosemary and thyme, and put the sage between the skin and the meat, (makes a nice decoration).

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    Unklescott, that rib marinade made my mouth water. Ummmmmm.

    Thanksgiving turkey! Senrik, I'm going to print this and put it in my Joy of Cooking.

    I need a snack. G'nite!
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Unklescott, that rib marinade made my mouth water. Ummmmmm.

    Thanksgiving turkey! Senrik, I'm going to print this and put it in my Joy of Cooking.

    I need a snack. G'nite!
    yeah its something my wife and I try to embellish every year. I always have to tell her no sriracha sauce on the bird, please

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    Here's another one. Had to do this, since the Sockeye are great this year

    Seared Yuan salmon
    abt 2lbs salmon, particularly sockeye salmon
    yuan sauce:
    5 tbls mirin
    3 tbls soy sauce
    2 tbls sake
    1/2 lime

    Pat salmon dry.
    Mix yuan sauce
    marinate fish skin side down, min 15min
    cook till done
    in other pan, heat leftover marinade to boil
    plate: coat with sauce and other half of lemon

    Sockeye Salmon works well, with its creamy texture, as would Coho Salmon, I guess it would be OK with that Atlantic salmon, but try and get commerially caught stuff, so you are not eating dyes.

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    Sorry, my computer messed up. Look further down the thread for the entire post.
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    Beer Butt Chicken always a winner

    Rub whole chicken w/spices or dry rub, insert beer can in butt of chicken with top of can removed and a few sips gone. Set on grill for about 1 1/2 hour and done! Fabulous!

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    Chocolate Cherry Cake

    One fudge cake mix
    one can of cherry pie filling
    one tsp of almond flavoring ( can't skip this one )
    two eggs.

    mix all ingredients together and bake 350 for thirty minutes or till tooth pick comes out clean


    3/4 cup of milk
    1/2 stick of butter
    1 cup of sugar
    1/2 bag of chocolate chips

    melt all items except chocolate chips on stove till they come to a boil, let boil for one minute then pour in chocolate chips and stir off heat till melted pour over warm cake and watch the people drop from chocolate intoxication!

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    This thread is not the best place to hang out when you're hungry, obviously. I made some dulce de leche today - an Argentinian treat - basically "milk jam" or "milk caramel" me, the taste is unparalleled. There can be no substitutes for it.

    1)Buy a can of Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk.

    2)Place the unopened can in a pot.

    3)Pour water into the pot so that it covers the entirety of the can by at least one inch.

    4a)Place the pot onto the stove, and gently simmer (or better yet, just *below* simmer) for 3-4 hours, depending on how you want the consistency of your dulce de leche. If you want it runny, you can reduce the simmering time to 2 hours, but the more simmering time your can gets, the more like caramel the sweetened condensed milk gets.

    4b) Always make sure that there is enough water in the pot to cover the can; if there isn't, add more in. As well, if the can starts to bulge, immediately let the pot cool before simmering again. Some recommend to poke a (tiny!)hole through the can just to prevent it from expanding, but I've never had to do this - I find it's enough just to follow the instructions for the water and to simmer gently enough so that there is only low pressure on the can. As well, it helps if you don't always cover the pot with a lid - although this may lengthen the simmering time.

    5) Remove. Take can out of pot. Let it cool. After it's cold enough to handle, you have two options:

    A) Open the can, and starting enjoying the fruits of your labour. Fresh dulce de leche tastes great by itself, on toast (especially with butter! Heavenly! ), on muffins, on bananas and apples and other fruits, on ice cream, in coffee...etc, etc. Explore! Luxuriate!

    B) Put the unopened can in the fridge, and save it for a grey, rainy day.

    P.S. You can make more than one can at a time, as long as you have a big enough pot. I know the instructions above made the process seem a bit intricate, but it's really not. Just be patient with the simmering, y'know - and do something else in the meantime . Never, *never* turn the heat up in order to speed it along, or forget about the water. Although the can has never exploded once in the dozen times I've made it, a friend of mine did not heed my advice, unfortunately.

    P.P.S. You can also buy dulce de leche in ethnic supermarkets. I've had a few, and they didn't taste as good as mine - perhaps because it's not as fresh. You can also make dulce de leche from scratch, without the canned stuff, but I find it's too much of a hassle and not a big difference in taste.

    I always make mine in batches of two. Maybe because I know my roomie always filches one of them.

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    Nausicaa: Dulce de leche....ummmmmmm....drool.... .we used to get these fresh from a little shop next to our school when I lived in Panama. I just had a total saliva meltdown reading that. I never knew it was just the sweetened condensed milk!

    Firegirl - there's still time to BBQ this summer. Beer butt chicken & choc. cherry cake are both on the menu now!
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Here's a new one.... tried it with salmon, not so good, stay with a less fatty fish, like sole.

    Ingredients list
    Oil (6 tablespoon olive oil + 2 tbl sesame oil)
    Ginger 1 knob. sliced fine, julienned, then passed under cold water
    2 fish less than a pound each.
    5-6 tbl sake
    2 tbl black bean paste
    1 tbl chili paste

    debone fish.
    season with salt and pepper. sprinkle sake on fish.
    coat fish with black bean paste and chili paste.

    Steam for 7-8 minutes

    place on plates (1 per plate)
    add a little of the liquid from the steamer (the liquid that came off the fish)
    Place scallion and ginger overtop the fish

    Heat oil mixture until it begins to smoke and pour the hot oil onto the fish.


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