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Thread: Flavor of Love 2 10/01 Recap: A Family Affair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellen View Post
    *Guffaw!* That's right -- he kicked her to the curb before the naming ceremony. Maybe her mom should get together with Flav . . .

    Now that is funny

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    Everything is going smoothly until its time for Mama New York to say her goodbyes to Flav. She starts crying and tells Flav that he is “trying to destroy her.” He eloquently tells her that this is the way that god made him and if she would let him in she would find that out for herself. She seems to accept him and gives him a hug goodbye. Just as everything seems to be going well her hair gets caught in his crown that he is wearing. She starts freaking out and they manage to untangle her.

    YG, I just love the way you tell a story. I don't love Flavor Flav, so I've missed most of the show this season, but I feel like I've seen every minute thanks to your wonderful recaps.
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