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Thread: New York is Back!

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    I didn't believe that was New York until I saw her interview on TV.

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    perhaps she is preggers?
    "It's still cool to be sane. You're just supposed to be sane and medicated ." - Article from the New York Magazine

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    new york is so funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiteElfGen;2104897;
    According to the New York Post New York will have her own show about her finding a man.

    this is just what i heard on the radio.
    I didn't know what the premise was, but it's definitely true. I was reading an article about The Surreal Life and its spinoff shows, and they mentioned that there was going to be a show called "I Love New York" that was a spinoff of The Flavor of Love.
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    Re: New York is Back!

    I cant stand that drag queen manley looking what eva you call her thats is why tango left her and she should have picked chance in the first place
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