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Thread: Flavor of Love 2: Deelishis

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    Has anyone heard that Flav has cheated on Deelishis and got some girl pregnant that lives in Vegas?

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    But is it really cheating when the troll made it clear that he wasn't looking for an exclusive relationship -- just someone to "kick it" with -- and "wa'n't down wit'" the jealous type?
    "There's no crying in baseball!"
    -- Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

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    Isn't Deelishis Sickened?

    Isn't Deelishis sickened by the fact that Flav's Hoe just gave birth to another one of his children? Seriously, how many STD's do you think Flav has been infected with? If I were any of those women, I would insist that Flav get an STD check up and I wouldn't have sex with him until it came out clean. I can't believe that Flav couldn't stop having sex for two minutes *between season one and two* Deelishis is either completely mental (which I doubt,) or very very money hungry. There is no way in hell that she could actually be attracted to that man. Hell, even Sumthin is too classy for him!

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    ^ I agree...finally someone says it. Everyone keeps acting like Deelishis is this "goody two shoe" who was really there for Flav! C'mon! She knows what she was doing...she just wants to be taken care of, period! I'm not saying no one can actually like Flav for his personality (because he does have charisma and game it seems) but it wouldn't normally be girls as beautiful and young as they are...and if so...Flav would have to have less children, be maybe a lil bit younger and would have to tone down at least a lil bit that energy level! After awhile you know being around someone like him 24/7 would be a straight headache!!!

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