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Thread: Flavor of Love 2: Bootz

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    hey bootz

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    Quote Originally Posted by caramelbeauty81;2110426;
    I dont like her. Yea she will tell it like it is but sometimes she just needs to keep her mouth shut. This is a lady that is highly insecure otherwise she wouldnt act like that. She acts like she is still in highschool with her bullying behavior. Buckey was cool but boots was out of there.

    couldn't agree more. it's not about "hating"--the girl is simply too ghetto-fabulous for her own good. i mean, i came up in the hood (reppin CP--ATL baby), lived on food stamps, blah blah blah, but i've still maintained my freakin manners and discretion! i mean--if you're a lady, then you should act like like one, with class--even if you didn't necessarily grew up in that kind of environment. bootz just comes off as a no-class hoodrat--straight up.

    i mean, look at Oprah--look at her background and look at how she's become quite the classy billionaire.
    you can keep it trill with CLASS.

    but then again--it IS the "flavor of love"....why would ANY real self-respecting woman do that to herself....oh wait, there you go...
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    Bootz is pretty, but her attitude makes her ugly. And, frankly shes just fake and too damn messy for my taste...

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    Re: Flavor of Love 2: Bootz

    I hate bootz, shes gonna get beat up one day...

    "This just in Larissa a.k.a. "Bootz" from Flavor of Love was badly beaten up outside a Los Angelos nightclub. Apparently, a few words were exchanged between Larissa and a group of local women. Moments later a beer bottle was cracked over Larissa's head and she was stomped out repeatedly by the group of women. She is now being treated at <add hospital name here> where her family and friends pray for her recovery. Onto other news..."

    lol no really i swear i see this coming...haha

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