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Thread: Flavor of Love 2: Krazy

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    I think Krazy is a stupid ass, dumb ass, fake ass bitch. She ain't nothin' but a GOLDDIGGER! I HATE her ass!!!

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    Krazy tried out for the first season Flavor Of Love! Go to V-Spot and click Flavor Of Love: Episode 1 Exclusives Extras: Casting Madness, and you will see Krazy saying " Im a hustla baby" she has sort of blondish hair but when you see her you will know its her
    BLaNKo112 FoR LyFe!!!!!!!

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    I saw her in a video just a few mins ago. It showed her whole face, body and everything so you could know it was her. I would post it here bt i don't know if this board would allow it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooh_okk View Post
    I dislike Krazy. Shes annoying and acts as if shes all humble but then goes and tells Delishis about the hot tub incident.

    What! All you women have big mouths. women tell their bud's everything just like us dudes do. Not uncommon

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    Do you think Krazy Won?

    I posted this but I didnt see it on the thread, so I guess in fact I didnt. lol Anyway, do you remember the URB Magazine photo shoot? If Krazy didnt when, then why was she the only one to take a picture with him alone?? What are your thoughts?

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    Captain Poop
    Quote Originally Posted by nprosario View Post
    I posted this but I didnt see it on the thread, so I guess in fact I didnt. lol Anyway, do you remember the URB Magazine photo shoot? If Krazy didnt when, then why was she the only one to take a picture with him alone?? What are your thoughts?
    I think the producers had him pose with Krazy just to get the other girls fired up so they'd make some drama. They all already hated Krazy at that point, so I think the producers planned it that way to provoke the other girls.

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    Captain Poop
    Just want to say one more thing about that skank Krazy.... she can't sing. Somebody should tell her. Really. Her serenade to Flav at the table on last week's episode was sooo cheezy, I almost died of laughter. "Baaaaby, I've been thinking... abooouuuuut youuuu"... *barf* He should have nicknamed her "Tonedeaf" instead of Krazy.

    Come on now, she can't possibly expect us to believe that Flav really inspires the kind passionate, romantic feelings that can only be expressed through lame ass Celine-Dion-like ballads.

    I loved it when she said that Flav was a considerate, compassionate man... um, yeah, if by "compassionate" she means "crackhead/bum who doesn't pay his child support". Damn, I hate that bitch so much I actually hope she wins, just so she'll have to do the nasty with Flavor Flav (lol thats punishment enough).

    One more thing: If I hear this bitch say "I'm real" or "I'm feeling him" one more time, I'm going to kill someone.

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    god, why does everyone hate krazy so much? lol just 'cause she's not a violent, psycho, lying skank like the other girls that makes her fake and stupid, apparently. the other girls are no better than she is, so they need to stfu with all the stupid, fake talk.

    she's definitely too hot to be chasing after flav, though. for your own sake krazy, i hope that you don't win. then run far away from 'your bad judgement to participate on this show' as fast as you can. lol

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    If you want to hear the rest of her song heard on this week's episode of FOL, it's on her Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/officialkrazywebsite
    She doesn't sing the whole song (if she did, my ear drum would be busted, too!)
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    My Problem With The "Krazy Bashing"

    I understand that Krazy was there for her singing career, but it amazes me that people don't realize that ALL of the girls have ulterior motives. Lets face it, no one could actually like Flava flav. He is obnoxious, annoying, stupid and posesses no sliver of class. He wants a harem of women around him because his ego has been shattered after his career went down the toilet. The show is incredibly entertaining, but all of the women want something from Flav (and that would be fame or money.) Delicious may seem sweet and innocent, but it is a facade for the cameras. Sure, Krazy admitted to wanting a singing career (but hey, at least she was honest about it.) If Flav was really a smart man, he would have chosen "Goldie" from last season.

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