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Thread: Who Do You Think Will Win?

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    Re: Who Do You Think Will Win?

    Leilene is my choice.. she reminds of a song " I am love with a stripper-"

    no mo yanky my wanky- donger needs Leilene!....

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    Re: Who Do You Think Will Win?

    Quote Originally Posted by Godofwar;2455703;
    Leilene is my choice.. she reminds of a song " I am love with a stripper-"

    no mo yanky my wanky- donger needs Leilene!....
    I don't object to the concept of a deity, but I'm baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance.
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    Re: Who Do You Think Will Win?


    ♥ Shay has not changed that much in my opinion. The focus of Charms School was to better yourself and by looking at Shay’s actions she has not made a lot of effort into making herself a better person.
    • She chooses Larissa for all activities. Larissa is not dependable and her headstrong and selfish personality constantly lands Shay on the chopping block.
    • Shay and Larissa devised a scheme to get people expelled from Charms School. Shay who I think is slightly more intelligent should have stood up to Larissa and said it wasn’t right for them to steel Leilene’s pictures. What the pair of them did was so beneath them and I know that they knew deep down that what they were doing was wrong. Then later at the elimination ceremony they had the nerve to lie to Monique.
    • Shay also roots for people to fail and that does not show good sportsmanship. The only reason why Shay joined Charms School was to get some money and she does not have Charm School spirit at heart.


    ♥ Leilene has made some good strives while at Charms School but she continues to still act and talk like a stripper. I think she has changed in many ways but she still has not made a complete turn around in her behavior.
    • Leilene says she does not want to be viewed as a stripper but when she was on a team with Brooke and Darra she had no problem with taking her clothes off for the camera when they were doing the photo shoot for the perfume Flavor of Love. Then when she was out on the street selling the perfume she sprayed some on her breasts and she let half of Los Angeles have a good luck of her breasts. Then after the competition was done she said “ Sex Sells.” She is promoting sex and stripping. How does that fit with her virtues that she wants to better herself and not be viewed as a pretty face who takes her clothes off for ran guys.
    • Leilene then stood up to the plate to be the model during the runway show. She worked the runway and she was fierce. The judges were impressed with the team as a whole and they were safe from elimination.
    • Leilene shined the most when she gave away her mothers rings to the local thrift store. She sold her mothers rings for $90. She did this for her team and for charity. This sent her team over the top and Leilene and Brooke were safe from elimination. Monique was impressed with her generosity and gave Leilene her mothers rings back and commended her for her generosity and remarked that Leilene was a very strong woman.
    • Leilene also stepped up the plate during the first challenge when she decided to be team leader during the boot camp obstacle course. However, she was not wise when she picked people for her team. She picked people based on if she was friends with them and not because of what they could bring to the team. Leilene does not understand that it’s a competition and that friends do not apply.
    • Leilene also had a fight with Brooke. Brooke was trying to influence Leilene to vote for a certain person but Leilene thought for herself for the first time in her life and she made her own decision and she stood up to Brooke. During that time she showed that she was a strong woman and that she was intelligent. However she did also promote stripping during that argument. She said “ At least I get paid to strip, Brooke gets it for free.” I believe that stripping is wrong. It does not matter if you are getting paid or if you are getting it for free it is still an unacceptable practice and the fact that you get paid or not does not make the situation any better.


    ♥ Becky has a very different personality but I think she is very funny and lively. I enjoy her ghetto style but she needs to learn when to turn it on and turn it off. I think she has made a lot of positive changes but again not enough to make her deserve the $50,000.
    • Becky started singing like a bird during the New York interview. New York did not have to pressure her at all. Becky just told New York everything that she needed to know. Becky did not hesitate while answering questions or thought about her actions. Becky also did the worst in the challenge and she was almost sent home but due to Larissa’s cockiness Becky was spared.
    • Becky also held herself together very nicely in the clothing store while her partner had a meltdown. Becky get on selling her clothes and kept trying to keep her team alive.
    • Becky also shined during the Charms School Dance. She was named the Best Charms School Representative with two votes from her classmates. She kept on talking to guys throughout the whole night and did not focus on one particular person. She kept her options open and she had a strategy.


    ♥ Saaphyri I think is the best Representative of Charms School. She has had her occasional bad moments but throughout the competition she has shined very much. She has learned to control her temper but has not completely passed over that hurtle but she has true Charms School spirit in her heart.
    • Saaphyri really shined during the interview with New York. Saaphyri had a sense of humor and she put New York on edge. She had spunky remarks that would keep the judges laughing and would make New York angry. She was graceful and did by far the best in the challenge and she was safe from elimination.
    • Saaphyri steeped up the plate during the boot camp obstacle course challenge. She picked her teammates wisely and she gave good tips to each player on how they can easily overcome this obstacle course. Their team ended up winning the challenge because of Saaphyri’s tips and unique strategies.
    • Saaphyri also had her weak moments. She hide a fight during the dance with the Urban Renaissance Man. This fight put her in the running to be the Worst Charms School Representative during the dance.
    • Saaphyri also had a bad moment while inside the clothing store. Saaphyri had a tantrum and she forsaked her teammate during the competition. She also wiped her nose on the merchandise. After 10 minutes she did recover and she sold all of her clothes because she did not want to let her teammate down.

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