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Thread: Toastee/Jennifer

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    Re: Toastee/Jennifer

    Quote Originally Posted by April235;2373145;
    I have to say that I was extremely disturbed when I saw Toastee's segment on the Charm School preview. While I applaud her mother's efforts in educating school children about wild animals, I was appalled when I saw the two pygmy marmosets living in such a tiny cage and it seriously angered me when I saw the chaos unfold in the kitchen while the serval was "freaking out". It's one thing to have pets (and I do), but trying to have wild animals as pets in completely different and, in my opinion, wrong. Whether or not those paricular animals were born in the wild or bred in captivity, they at least deserve to live in suitable habitat, even if it does happen to be in a zoo, but certainly not within the confines of a house in suburban Pennsylvania.
    seriously. i felt real sorry for that serval. somebody should call animal control or SPCA or something. they need to reprimand toastee's family ASAP.
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    Re: Toastee/Jennifer

    shes ugly

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