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Thread: 6/7 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    This very possibly could be my fav new summer show...I absolutely loved the clackety clack girl in the shop, I'd have been terrified of her. LOL Can't wait to see more episodes.

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    These managers had the patiennce of Jobe to hang in there for hours nefore firing them. I was sure some of them would be gone by Noon

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    I really didnt like this, it seemed stupid.

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    I mentioned this show to an employer. She said she actually does get people who try to get fired soon after they are hired so that they can sit at home collecting unemployment. She wasn't happy to hear that there was a show out they encouraging deadbeats.

    I can see why employers and employees would have different reactions to this show.

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    Loved the reaction of co-worker Grant (in the coffee shop). He was so sweet the way he came to the defense of his boss and gave her a big hug right after she had fired that guy.

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    This show was funny to me, it sort of reminds me of Boiling Point.
    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." ~Anais Nin

    "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    I kind of had that feeling too.

    I only watched it because there was nothing else on, but it's not really my type of show. I don't like the Hidden Camera/Practical Joke-type things. Guess I won't bother watching the rest of the episodes.
    I agree, hidden camera shows like Boiling points, scare tactics ect. really mess with my head. I feel bad for the people that this was pulled on. I know what we saw showed everyone having a good time after they found out it was a setup, but we all know many shoots are done to get a group that all agree to sign a release for. The ones I feel for are the ones we will never see because they refuse to sign and are upset. I wonder if any of the employee's quit over this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Novalia
    Aside from the obvious actors I noticed that the BBC was one of the producers. Leave it to those wacky Brits to come up with something like this.
    I live in the UK and I saw the original version of this, which was a BBC show called "The Sack Race". The people in the original BBC version were openly actors/comedians, but it was basically the same format (except they didn't win a huge amount of money, just whatever someone in that job would really have been paid for a day's work). The show wasn't a big hit, it just kind of came and went without anyone paying much attention to it.

    Incidentally, I was amused to see that Cherise Bangs was on the show. I've been using her name as a dummy entry in databases for years, ever since I happened across it on the web some years ago. Well, it's better than "Fred Bloggs" and "John Doe", isn't it? So she's famous among me and my work colleagues, if no-one else.

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