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Thread: Dave Holmes - Host

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    Dave Holmes - Host

    Dave Holmes was the runner-up on MTV's first Wanna Be a VJ contest.
    From the beginning, he distinguished himself from other candiates with an encyclopedic knowledge of music trivia.
    Though he lost to Jesse Camp, MTV still hired him to conduct celebrity interviews.
    He then went on to host several other MTV shows, including a Real World reunion special and the popular Say What? Karaoke until 2001.
    Ironically, his MTV career lasted about two years longer than Jesse's.

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    Eternal Joy
    He's kinda cute actually.

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    I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out where I'd seen Dave Holmes before, then it hit me that yes, indeed he was temporarily an MTV veejay.
    "Don't piss off the chicken gods. :nono" -Stargazer (on Lydia, Steph and Danni eating the sacrificial chicken on Survivor)

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