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Thread: I Think I've Found My Happy Place: 3/27/03 2nd episode recap for Dog Eat Dog

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    Great job LG! I laughed my way through your entire recap. I can't wait to read your take on next week's show.

    Oh, by the way, your reference to Dave's plain black t-shirt, (see Paulie's Survivor Precaps), was a real gut-buster!

    Understated Ron is in a plain black t-shirt with no arrogant “I’m a lawyer” message on it at all.

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    In my tip of the hat to Fear Factor master re-capper JR, I will attempt to remember what everyone was wearing, as that is apparently a quite important facet of these types of show.
    You are a great woman LG, I am not worthy of your praise because I'm completely oblivious to what the guys are wearing.
    guess a guy would be more accustomed to keeping better track of his nuts.
    Ah yes, that is very important

    Excelent work here LG!

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    I want to shimmy- shimmy- shimmy through the break of dawn

    LG, that was a good recap and I held off with my comments until now because my whole week was gearing up towards TAR.

    I did watch both episodes and despite the fact that they came up with "new" stunts they still looked like the same old tired crap. But since Fear Factor is not on at this time, I forced myself to watch.

    Most of the contestants are braggards and not very smart as I was painfully reminded at the return of this blockbuster. The trivia questions are a joke, a bad joke at that.

    Poor Maya has to do this all while wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow (and floral print) bikini which stays perfectly in place while she slithers up the tree (much to Wayner’s chagrin), over coarse ropes which look designed to snag and grab skimpy swimwear.
    This was the most astonishing feat of them all. It looked mighty uncomfortable if not downright painful to shimmy up that "tree" but Maya was a game girl and I was also amazed at how her suit stayed on. Was it painted on?

    Anyway, LG, you make everything sound good.

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