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Thread: How "Dog Eat Dog" works

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    How "Dog Eat Dog" works

    The game begins with six players spending the day learning each other's strengths and weaknesses in a "boot camp" environment. Then it's into the studio, where the battle for $25,000 begins.
    Host Brooke Burns presents all six players with a physical or mental challenge to be completed in a certain time limit by one player.

    As a group, players must vote for who they think is least likely to complete the task. If the selected player does indeed fail, he or she is eliminated. If he or she succeeds, that player gets to send one of the other players to the "dog pound."

    The elimination continues until only one player remains - but the game is far from over! In the game's dramatic conclusion, the "top dog" must compete against the five eliminated players to prove he or she is truly deserving of the prize!

    If the "top dog" can fend off the losers, the cash is his or hers. If, however, he or she loses, the prize will be divided among the underdogs.

    It all takes place on the "Dog Eat Dog" stage, the largest and most challenging indoor stunt set ever seen on a network game show. The stage features a tower more than 30-feet tall and an Olympic-sized tank as part of the game floor. Built to accommodate the most demanding stunts and games, this uncompromising environment will force players to confront the limits of their endurance, strength, fear and wits.

    "Dog Eat Dog" intends to take the thrills and strategy of reality game shows to the next level!

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    it's a combo reality show - game show in that it has different recurring challenges (just like The Price is Right, as how many times has Bob Barker had people guess prices to get a better shot at putting, but on DED they take off more and more clothes to get more shots at putting) and the end with a "Jeopardy" style trivia contest with the world's easiest questions, usually multiple choice, from different categories that the top dog knows in advance. So it's the closest thing to a "game show" that I've seen on reality tv, but what the hey, give it a shot tonight.
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