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Thread: 3/31/03 Episode of Fear Factor!!!

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    3/31/03 Episode of Fear Factor!!!

    I don't know if there are many Fear Factor Fans out there who check out this site, but FF is pretty much my FAVORITE reality TV show!

    Last night's show was great, and warmed the very depths of my soul! As a happily married woman, it was so cool to see two
    married couples each win $25k...and maneuver their way through the stunts being decent & loving towards each other, and kicking some ASS (can I say that here?!) in the process! "SEE YA" to that obnoxious couple w/ the Asian woman who thought she was so cool, and was REALLY rude to her BF when he "failed her". Wah, wah, baby!

    I loved that stunt with the hissing cockroaches...where the couples had to pass the roaches via mouth to one another & get as many as they could into the second container. I was thinking "now, here's a stunt that even I could do!"...but what a couple of freaks they were (as Joe R would say!)...each couple got approximately 200 roaches into the box! And if I heard correctly they only had 3 minutes to do so? Geez!

    Well...if anyone's reading this, and has input on Fear Factor (either this episode, or any other one!)...I'd love to see a post from you here!

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    Last night's show was a repeat, I did the recap for it here: Fear Factor "Couples" 02-10-03 Recap

    I love this show, it's amazing what people will do for money even though it insn't guaranteed. There can never be too many people to laugh at.

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    I missed the first half of this show when it originally aired. It was nice to get to see everything I missed. This was a good one.

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    I had no idea this was a repeat! I'll be sure to read your recap
    of it, JR. Thanks...

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