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Thread: Fear Factor "Viva Las Vegas" 03-10-03

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    Double D

    Charisse Rivers

    Hey Guys, do you reckon Sharisse Rivers from this episode is related to Joan and Melissa Rivers ? She sure looks like them !!

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    I did a quick internet search, Double D, and I don't believe she is.

    Here's a short bio of her:

    Name: Charisse Rivers
    Home: Key Largo, Florida
    Occupation: College student at University of Florida (Go Gators)
    Age: 24

    When Charisse’s father once told said, “take your time going to college even if it takes 20 years,” Charisse took him for his word. But, after changing majors three times, she is focused on finishing school next year.

    Another goal of Charisse’s is to become an officer in the Marine Corp once she graduates. She explains: “I have at least 60 years of my life left, so why not add to my resume and serve my country at the same time. I have many long-term goals and plan to attempt all of them. I love nothing more in life then a challenge and of course my family. I could not live without excitement and if there is none, I just have to create it myself.”

    Excitement, challenges, etc.? Well, Charisse was recently selected to compete on Fear Factor (a reality television show where she competes for $50,000). She hopes she won’t have to eat a cockroach or something of that nature.

    Presently, one of her biggest challenges is competing in Fitness Challenges. One day while reading Oxygen Magazine she came noticed all the females with incredible physiques. She walked to the mirror and pulled up her shirt and said she could look like that if she lost 20 pounds. Charisse joined a gym and found the WTF Challenge in Natural Muscle Magazine. Within four weeks of training on the obstacle course, Charisse entered the WTF South Beach Challenge and the TNT Terminator Race. Well, Charisse took 2nd place on the course in South Beach and went on the 2002 WTF World Challenge in Las Vegas. She finished 5th in the Tri-Fitness Overall out of 128 athletes. Her next step was the Fitness America ESPN Series where she placed 3rd.

    With the help of choreographer Jennifer Rosen, Charisse has set high goals for the 2003 WTF season. “I am going to Los Angeles for Fear Factor in January, but you can count on me being back in the L.A area for the WTF West Coast Challenge this April and the FAP Universe,” says Charisse (Reesie Cups as her WTF friends call her).
    That's from a page that no longer exists, but Google's cache has it:

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