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Thread: Fear Factor "Couples" 02-10-03 Recap

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    Fear Factor "Couples" 02-10-03 Recap

    Fear Factor 02-10-03

    This week’s “Special Edition” wrinkle is a couple’s show. Two of them are married and two are dating, and they all may need counseling when it’s over. Let’s meet the lucky folks:

    Jason & Misty Palmer from Hartsville, Alabama, married for 1 year. They’re going to put a good ol’ country ass wuppin’ on the city slickers.

    Justin Gabel & Vena Dejkunchorin from Daytona Beach, Florida, dating for 4 years. According to her, they’ve done “wild and kinky things”, and according to him, they can both take a beating. Umm…Ok.

    Kyle Black & Losmir Rodriguez from New York, NY, dating for 2 years. They like to party, they’re hardcore, and he has flowers on his shirt?

    Eddie & Denise Sanches from Montgomery, Texas, married 8 years. I guess they’re the “older” couple. Both very competitive bla bla bla.

    The couples make their way through a warehouse and find host Joe Rogan standing next to a pool. He goes over the rules and introduces the first stunt:

    Somebody save me
    One person will be locked in a clear box and lowered into the water. Once the box is fully submerged, the other person will dive in and unlock the 3 locks. The person leaving the box will swim over to the side of the pool and release a flag, and the 3 couples with the fastest times will move on.

    Eddie & Denise are up first, and she decides to get in the box. Vena starts the trash talk by calling them “old farts”. Yeah V, they’re practically dinosaurs in their early 30’s. Before Denise gets into the box, she and Eddie go through an awkward looking hand bump thing that resembles “1 potato 2 potato”. The box is lowered and Ed dives in and starts with the bottom lock. He quickly moves up to the middle and top locks, but has to go back and unlatch the bottom. Denise leaves the tank and swims for the flag, but misses it twice. She is able to pull it down on her 3rd try to finish in 35.3 seconds.

    Kyle & Losmir are next, and Kyle thinks he can dive better than everyone because he’s “super focused”. Where does one get “super focus” training? As the get into their swimsuits, I notice that Losmir is rail thin and could use a sandwich or 2. She could probably squeeze through the air holes. They’re ready, and Kyle dives in and starts with the bottom lock as well. He struggles a little and she starts to panic. Then, at about 10 seconds in, he takes off and heads for the surface leaving her there. The safety divers pull her out and up to the surface, and if looks could kill Kyle wouldn’t have made it out of the pool. Vena gets in another shot of “losers” as they climb out. So much for “super focus”, now they can focus on the walk of shame.

    Justin, Vena & their trash talk are next, and he gives her a slap on the ass for good luck. While Vena is standing there in her lovely pink 2 piece, Joe notices part of a tattoo. She pulls down the waistband of her bottoms to reveal a dragon that leads down to her “special area”. Thanks Vena! Eddie comments that her built-in pontoons will bring her right to the top, and she offers to let him touch them later. Wow, what a nice girl. She’s lowered in, and he starts from the bottom like the others. He opens all 3 locks but forgets to swing the latches over which prevents the door from opening. They both struggle to open the door for a few seconds and manage to get 2 of the latches over. She calls for the divers as Justin works on the last latch, and as soon as the divers take her out, he gets the door open. Trouble in paradise as they exit the pool, he says that the door was open, she says it wasn’t, and he counters with “well it is now”. As they eat crow while leaving, your old pal JR will tell you to wait until after you’ve won to talk sh*t. Don’t tell me, show me.

    Jason & Misty close it out and all they have to is complete it. They get into position, and he goes straight for the bottom lock too. He has no trouble with the locks or latches, and gets her out pretty quickly. She hits the surface and grabs the flag in 30.1 seconds.

    Only the married couples remain, and they walk through a building that resembles an old abandoned school or hospital. They find Joe in a room standing in front of a table that has a heart shaped box on it. It looks like a box of candy, but we all know better…

    Put this in your mouth
    Inside the box are Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Couples must transfer the roaches from one box to another using only their mouths. One person must take the bugs from the first box and pass them to the other person to put in the other box. They have 3 minutes to get as many as the can.

    Since there are only 2 couples left, they will play for 25 grand in this stunt and another 25 grand in the finals.

    Jason & Misty lose the coin toss and are up first. Jason will be picking up the bugs and passing them to Misty. He digs right in, passing mouthfuls of the little critters to his lovely bride. Talk about taking the relationship to another level, it gives a whole new meaning to the sloppy kiss. They are moving like a well oiled machine, and now have there faces covered in bug stuff. Time is up, and now for the count: 204
    I’m impressed, that’s a lot of bugs.

    Eddie & Denise get into position, and like Jason, Eddie will be doing the passing. They start on a slower pace as Eddie seems to be having a little trouble with the bugs. “Faster, faster” Denise pleads as Eddie grunts. Again, if there was no picture you’d swear that they were doing the nasty. They look on with messy faces as they get their count: 189
    Even though they lost this event, Joe gives E & D a chance to win 1 thousand dollars if they both eat 1 roach. They accept the challenge, grab a critter and down them in about 10 seconds. At least they won’t leave empty handed.

    It’s on to the finals and the couples walk through some sort of industrial park. They meet Joe standing next to one of the buildings

    How’s it hangin’
    One person will hang by their ankles from a crane while holding their spouse’s hands at about 120 feet above the ground. Once the person’s feet leave the building the clock will start. The couple that hangs on the longest will win.

    Jason & Misty lose the coin toss again and are up first. They take the elevator to the roof and get into the safety gear as Eddie, Denise, and Joe watch from the ground. Both look calm as they get underway, and ignore the little taunts of “don’t look down” from E & D. At about a minute and a half she starts to lose her grip and slowly slips from his hands in 1:48.1.

    Eddie and Denise make their way to the roof and get hooked up. They’re a bit more chatty as they hang in the air, reassuring each other the whole time. Joe gives the countdown as they approach and then pass J & M’s time. They decide to go a full 2 minutes and exchange “I love you’s” before Ed lets her go to plummet towards the ground. Awww, how sweet.

    E & D are your Fear Factor “Couples” champions. Score one for us “old folks”!

    Next week: Buried alive…in WORMS!

    To contact the author, send mail to jr@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Great recap, JR. I'm sure glad there's someone here who wants to watch couples passing roaches to each other with their mouths. There's not enough Listerine in the world for me & my wife to do that.

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    I never watch this show, but I always catch JR's recap!
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    Justin and Vena are obviously a great match. One is muscle head and the other likes to talk shit. And Justin was quick when it came to open the locks, but unforunately, he probably forgot to bring his brain with him ( or does he have one?), and did not release all the latches. Poor Vena couldn't open the door by herself and decided to call for the divers ( obviously, both don't know what Joe calls" crazy monkey Kung Fu" even though they look pretty aggressive ). As soon as they got out of the pool, argument began and Justin insisted that he had opened the door :fyou( but you couldn't get out, Honey that is your problem, I blame you ), and Vena was obviously upset. But interestingly the whole thing really is just the reflection of their personalities.

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    i agree with the listerine thing... haha... i would never do that, even in a million years...

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