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Thread: Ericka Arroyo Interview Quickie

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    Ericka Arroyo Interview Quickie

    Ericka Arroyo, Fear Factor contestant on the 01-13-03 show, recently took some time out of her busy school schedule to answer a few questions for us. The recap of her episode can be found here: Fear Factor "You Dirty Rat" 01-13 Recap

    What, or who, gave you the idea to apply for the show?
    EA: I'd always watch the show and think "I could so do that!" I thought it looked like so much fun, so I tried out

    What did you do in the down time between filming stunts?
    EA: We hung out in a trailer, ate lunch and laughed! It was a lot of fun, and we were blindfolded a lot of the time.

    How much instruction or training did they give you?
    EA: The instructions you hear on the air is all they told us, and then they fielded questions, but no training.

    What were you thinking while standing up on that barrel?
    EA: I was thinking "Please F***ing go forward barrel!!"

    What was going through your mind during the Rat Race?
    EA: Whether or not Kim was catching up to me.

    Did you really leave empty handed, or did they give you “lovely parting gifts”?
    EA: No lovely parting gifts, just a t-shirt that said "Loser". But, the entire trip was paid for.

    Did all of the contestants get along, and did you have a favorite?
    EA: Everyone was great 'truly', they were fun and cool, we still keep in touch.

    If there’s one thing that you could do differently, what would it be?
    EA: Get that barrel going, and concentrate on making my own rat baskets

    Would you do it again?
    EA: Definitely!

    How did you find us?
    EA: I searched Fear Factor on Yahoo, and found your recap article. Thank you so much again JR. Always Ericka

    I would like to thank Ericka for finding a few minutes for us, and being a good sport about it. Good luck with your studies and future endeavors.

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    Thanks to JR and Ericka for this great interview! I have always wondered if the contestants would do it all again.
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    I wondered what type of detailed instructions they received! I'm suprised that we get to hear it all. I would have tons of questions
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