Fear Factor – 05/02/05

Hey, a new episode 2 weeks in a row? Looks like we’re on a roll, lets keep it going with a special “best friends” show:

Matt Robbins & Sam Arnett – both are bouncers from Nashville, Tennessee.

Chase Hoyt & Chelsey Crisp – both are from Los Angeles, California. Chase is a production company owner, and Chelsey is a theater company owner. How convenient.

Bree Andre & Danielle Woodard – both are models from Arizona. Bree is from Phoenix and Danielle is from Scottsdale. It looks like they have the same fake boobs, there must have been a sale that day.

Dexie Sapp & Dorothy Davis – both are from Louisiana. Dexie is an aerobics instructor from Alexandria and Dorothy is an office assistant from Lafayette.

The 4 sets of friends make their way to an empty lot and meet up with host Joe Rogan. He welcomes them, goes over the rules, and shows them the first stunt:

Cold Shower
Both partners will be standing on different beams suspended high above the ground. On “GO’ a series of nozzles will begin spraying water down on the person on the lower beam. The one on the lower beam will have to make his/her way to the end and attach a handle to a rope. The person on the upper beam will pull up the handle and use it to shut off the water. They must repeat this until all of the nozzles are turned off. The team with the slowest time or the fewest nozzles will be sent home, and the team with the best time will pick the order of the next stunt.

Bree and Danielle are up first, and choose to wear matching blue bikinis. We learn that Dani used to work as an armed guard. I’m thinking it was just for a photo shoot. I’ll bet she was also a nurse, police officer, and a firefighter. They get going and slowly make their way across the beams. The girls shut off all the water in a time of 4:39.

Sam & Matt are next, and we learn that Sam lives in his RV with no running water. He has running water now. They begin, and Matt is a little shaky. He’s able to keep it together, and they finish in 3:36.1.

Chelsey & Chase are next, and I’m sad to report that we only get a second of Chelsey’s light blue bikini. What’s the problem cameraman? They take off, but Chelsey gets the rope tangled on the first handle. She figures it out and they pick up their pace. They end up finishing in 3:00 to take the lead.

Dexie & Dorothy finish this stunt. They start out a bit slow, and are doing an awful lot of yelling. They settle down but Dorothy has some trouble with the last handle, she gets the rope tangled too. She manages to free it and they finish in 4:02.1. That will send Bree & Danielle home. I’m going to miss them.

The gang now makes their way to a diner where they find Joe sitting at a table with six covered plates on it:

Sausage Fest
Each team member must eat a “special” sausage in the allotted time. Both members must finish their own, and if one blows chunks, that team is out. They will not know what they are getting until they lift the lids. No one will be sent home, but each team that completes this will get to pick a Capital One credit card with a credit of up to 20 thousand dollars.

Chase & Chelsey will get to choose the order, and they decide to go first. They also choose to take the plates directly in front of them. Chase lifts his lid to reveal stink beetles stuffed into a sausage skin, and Chelsey gets leeches. They dig in, and the others freak. C&C struggle, but battle through and are able to finish in time.

Sam & Matt are chosen to go next. They also pick the plates in front of them. Matt gets a red worm, super worm, and night crawler sausage, while Sam gets fish guts, rotten squid, and maggots. They begin, and both are having a really tough time. The official “Fear Factor Chuck Bucket” makes an appearance as these guys fight to keep it down. Sam loses his fight and blows chunks right at the table.

Dexie & Dorothy finish this stunt. Dorothy gets Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and Dexie gets pig eyes and pig’s blood. Dexie digs right in, while Dorothy stalls. She stalls some more, pushes it around a bit, and finally breaks it open. She loses her mind as the roaches start to scatter and ends up quitting. What a truly pathetic attempt.

Since Chase & Chelsey were the only ones to complete this stunt, they get the 20 thousand dollar card.

The three teams head out to a race track and find Joe standing next to a pair of cars and some ramps:

Flipped Off
Each team member will drive a car down a runway, up a ramp, flip it, and slide to a stop. The team with the furthest combined distance will win.

D&D are up first, and will try to make up for the previous stunt. They get strapped in and take off. They both hit the ramp at around the same time to a giant explosion, land on their roofs, and come to a stop. After 75 replays from different angles, they end up with a combined 252’-11”.

M&S are next. They get going and we get a lot more replays of the explosion. OK, we get it already. The boys come up just a bit short at 228 feet. Time to go guys.

C&C finish this stunt, and will try for the sweep. They get the countdown and begin. Ramp, explosions, more replays, etc. I think we’ve seen it from every possible angle. Twice. C&C get back over to Joe and find out that they went a combined 286’-1’.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chase & Chelsey are your Fear Factor “Best Friends” champions! These two walk away with a total of 70 thousand dollars.

Next week: NY vs. LA

I am now sick of explosions. I never thought I’d ever say that. jr@fansofrealitytv.com