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Thread: Fear Factor "Seeing Double" 03-07-05

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    Fear Factor "Seeing Double" 03-07-05

    Fear Factor 03/07/05

    Hey kids, welcome back for another special episode. Do not adjust your TV sets, and no, it’s not your eyes playing tricks on you (though it could be depending on what you’ve been drinking), it’s an identical twins show! Yep, 4 sets of look-a-likes were brought in to confuse us, and here they are:

    Erin & Desiree Green – both are youth counselors from Riverside, California. They also sport the same “Side Show Bob” hairdo.

    Matthew & Nathan Leone – both musicians from Chicago, Illinois. More odd hair here, as the guys have matching spiky Mohawks.

    Julie Costello & Shawnie Piercy – Actress/Models from Liberty, Kentucky. Oh look, a “/”, I will think of them as waitresses.

    Andy & Ryan Tipton – both students from Calera, Alabama. These “cowboys” are wearing light pink T-shirts, not very cowboy-like. I bet the bulls would get a good chuckle.

    These folks meet up with host Joe Rogan at the side of a lake. He welcomes them, goes over the rules, and directs their attention to the first stunt:

    Surprise, Surprise, a Helicopter
    One twin will be hanging from a cable underneath the chopper while the other waits inside. When they near the buoys, the twin inside will pull a lever which will drop the other twin into the water. The twin inside will then jump out and get to the other buoy. Once at their respective buoys, they must each remove a flag, clip it to their belts, and swim over to a speedboat. The boat will take them towards a platform. They must jump off the boat, swim to the platform, climb up and clip the flags on the 2 poles. Time starts when the first one hits the water and stops when the second flag is clipped. No one will be eliminated, but the team with the fastest time will win a Capital One credit card worth 20 thousand dollars.

    Julie & Shawnie are up first, and give a bold prediction of 3 minutes. They also state that they’re representing “KY”. Hey, this is a family show and that’s a little personal. They strip down to matching yellow bikinis and get into position. They get going, and both end up around 10 feet from their buoys. They slowly swim over to the boat, and look tired already. They need to leave the boat from different sides, so one of them will have a longer swim. They get to the platform at about the same time and clip the flags to finish in a time of 2:58.7. Not a bad call ladies.

    Erin & Desiree are next, and they predict 2 minutes. I say no frickin’ way, that poofy hair will definitely slow them down. Des is dropped a bit early, but Erin lands right on her buoy. They head to the boat, but are swimming very slowly, they are clearly out of gas. They jump off the boat, and we get a double face plant. The girls struggle mightily to get to the raft, and finally make it in 4:30.

    Nate & Matt are next, and Joe wants to hear them sing, seeing as how they are in a band. The punk rockers politely decline and say they’ll work on something for next time. They remove their shirts to reveal the skinniest little chicken bodies I’ve ever seen. Maybe a hundred pounds combined. I’m afraid that the wind from the chopper blades will carry them to the next state. They get going and both have very good drops, about 5 feet from the buoys. The boys get the flags and make it to the boat at just over a minute. Matt gets to the platform first, clips his flag, and helps Nate up. Nate clips his flag in 2:39.7.

    Andy & Ryan finish this stunt. We learn that these guys have been doing triathlons for the past 5 years. For those of you unfamiliar with a triathlon, it’s a 3 part race consisting of swimming, bicycling, and running, done one after the other without stopping. So yes, these 2 are insane. They take off and both hit the water in good position, but Ryan starts to swim the wrong way after getting his flag. He catches himself before getting too far, but that might cost them. They get to the platform and this will come down to the wire as the clock disappears. They clip their flags, but we don’t know their time until they get back to the group. They finished in 2:42, meaning Nate & Matt win the credit card.

    The gang makes their way through a field and end up in front of a trench. Joe appears and lets them know that there will be no prize for this stunt, but someone will be sent home.

    In the Trenches
    In the trench is “thousands of pounds of cow parts” consisting of liver, spleen, tongue, and hearts. At one end there is a bucket of cow jaw bones, and a meat grinder at the other end. Twins will be connected to each other by a pulley system. On “GO”, they will have to gnaw off meat from the bones, make their way to the grinder, grind enough to fill the glass, and drink the contents. The team that completes this stunt the slowest will be sent home, and the team with the fastest time gets to pick the order of the next stunt.

    Nate & Matt are up first, and sing a little song for us. They get into position and get going, fighting their way through the slop. Joe’s having a hard time just watching. They finally fill the glass and Nate begins to drink. He’s able to get about half and then passes it off to Matt. Matt struggles and leaves a bit for Nate to finish off. Their time is 13:08.

    Erin & Desiree are next. They have a tough time just getting through the stuff, but eventually fill the glass. Des has all sorts of trouble trying to drink, and passes off really fast. Erin doesn’t do much better, and gags after the second sip. It proves to be way too much for them to handle, and they give up. Buh bye ladies.

    Andy & Ryan are up next. They move through the slop rather easily, but end up taking small mouthfuls. They both have a tough time drinking and have to pass it off a few times. They pass Nate & Matt’s time but Andy is able to finish it off in 28:53.

    Julie & Shawnie finish this stunt, but in an absolutely pathetic display, they quit without even trying. They get to practice their “model walk” down the walk of shame. They should be beaten.

    The 2 sets of brothers make their way to an airfield and meet up with Joe in front of a hanger. Joe informs them that they will be playing for 25 grand here and the other 25 in the next stunt since they are the only ones left.

    What Goes Up, Must Come Down
    One twin will be hanging upside down over 75 feet in the air. The other is also upside down, but will be fastened to the ground. On “GO”, the twin on the ground will have to remove 6 wing nuts to free a hack saw. He must then saw through the cable, sending himself up to the rafters and sending his brother down into a tank filled with water headfirst. Once inside the tank, that brother will remove as many flags as possible and clip them to his belt without coming up for air. Whichever team gets the most flags the fastest will win 25 grand and the right to pick the order of the last stunt.

    Andy & Ryan are chosen to go first. They get into position and begin. Ryan (I think) is able to free the saw at around 30 seconds and immediately cut through the cable. Andy (I think) hits the water and is able to get 6 flags in 1:14.3 before calling to be pulled out.

    Nate & Matt get into position, with Matt doing the cutting. They plan on going for 7 flags because they don’t think they can beat that time. They get going and Matt gets though the nuts and cable at about the same time. Nate hits the water, but has some trouble clipping the flags to his belt. He is able to get 3, but runs out of air and is pulled out. Andy & Ryan get the 25 Gs.

    These 4 make their way down a deserted road and meet up with Joe. He congratulates them on their wins and getting this far, and shows them the final stunt:

    One twin will be handcuffed inside a tanker truck half filled with water while the other rides on top of a semi truck. The one on the semi must lower a plank and climb down a rope into the top of the tanker. He will them climb down inside the tanker, find a key, and unlock his brother. Once the brother is free, he will climb out to the top, make his way down to the end, and set a pole in a base. The brother still inside must find a flag, get to the top, make it to the end, and clip the flag to the pole. The team with the fastest time will win the remaining 25 thousand dollars.

    Nate & Matt are chosen to go first, and go off to get ready. Matt is outside and Nate will be inside. Matt makes it to the tanker at about a minute, heads to the other end, and climbs down inside. They both get thrown around as Matt fights to get the key. He gets it, unlocks Nate, grabs the pole, and heads for the top of the truck. Nate heads to the opposite end to grab the flag, as we see Matt make it to the end and set the pole. Nate comes up with the flag and we see his shorts fall off as he makes his way towards Matt. Bare-assed, Nate clips the flag in a time of 4:13.

    Andy & Ryan finish this stunt, with Andy up top and Ryan inside. They get going, and Andy makes it over in about 35 seconds. He heads into the tank with the lead, and searches for the key. He some trouble but eventually gets a hold of it, at the same time knocking the flag loose. Andy gets to the top and sets the pole at about 3 minutes while Ryan searches for the flag. Ryan has all sorts of difficulty locating the flag as the water knocks him, and the flag, all around the inside of the tank. He finally gets a hold of it and emerges at around 4 minutes and quickly heads for the end. But, time runs out as he gets to the pole.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Nate & Matt are your Fear Factor “Twins” champions!

    Please send beer to jr@fansofrealitytv.com

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    When I read you call the Afro twins hairdos "sideshow bob" I CRACKED UP!! I was referring to both of them as Side Show Bob all night last night when they were on. Their hair was ABSURD! My hubby said that their teeth looked like fire marshal bills teeth. They had way more gums than actual teeth. Very odd lookin chicks.

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    Great recap JR!
    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
    -- Arrested Development, Season III

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