Just wanted to mention: I have been watching old reruns of FF and I believe the stunts are getting way too easy compared to the earlier shows. For example, they had a show where the contestants were in NY and were on a very high building. Step one was to crawl across a ledge, then climb a ladder to the next floor, then walk across and navigate around a huge plant, then climb another ladder, then walk across a see saw and then climb another ladder, ect... It was brutal. Then in LV they had to stand on tightropes and pass weighted balls to each other. Again, another tough stunt. Then we get fear factor couples to win a million and they have to go across a swamp and get keys and drink stuff? How hard is that? And the last stunt was pretty easy as well. If the couples are there to win a million- make the stunts way harder. Even FFCouples 1 - the stunts seemed to be much harder than this last show.