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Thread: Fear Factor "They've Got Crabs" 10-11-04

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    Fear Factor "They've Got Crabs" 10-11-04

    Fear Factor 10-11-04

    Hello again kids, here we are with another episode of everyone’s favorite game show. Let’s meet tonight’s lucky contestants:

    Jason Judycki – Stock Trader from Schaumburg, Illinois. He says something about dogs fighting.

    Lauren Anderson – Model from Gainesville, Florida. Hey look, a model! I’m surprised we don’t get more of them on this show.

    Tamica Lee – Cheerleader for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints. She even has the sports clichés down, “I’m going to give 110%”.

    William Hulett – Pro Sword Fighter from Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ve got to be kidding me, he gets paid for that?

    Holley Steeley – Acrobat from Orlando, Florida. Sweet, she’s “bendy”.

    Albert Robles – Mechanic from Rialto, California. He has nothing to say really.

    The gang makes their way through what looks like a quarry, complete with giant earth moving machines, where they meet up with host Joe Rogan. He welcomes them, goes over the rules, and shows them the first stunt:

    Maximum Overdrive
    Two poles are suspended on top of a 90 ton dump truck. It’s like a dump truck on steroids, the tires are about 6 feet tall. As the truck speeds down the road, contestants must climb out on the first pole to release a flag, make it back to the platform to release another flag, and finally climb to the end of the second pole to release the third flag. The 2 men and 2 women that get the most flags in the fastest time, before falling, will move on.

    Lauren is up first, and Joe asks if she’s done any “pole work”. She seems confident, saying that the girls are her competition and the guys are “doofusses”. She gets into position, and I’m upset because this isn’t a water stunt. The producers will be hearing from me. She gets going, shimmying her way out on the first pole. Lauren makes it about halfway out before sliding around underneath the pole and loosing her grip in 17.9 seconds. Not a very good showing hon.

    Holley is up next, and has a ridiculously sculpted body. Being an acrobat, she should have an easy time with this. She takes off and scoots out to the first flag in about 20 seconds. Holley makes it back, grabs the second flag, and heads for #3. She gets the last one and lets go in 1:02.

    Tamica finishes up for the ladies, and she’s tall one. She takes off, and is going much faster than Holley. She has no hang-ups at all, flies through this, and finishes in an amazing time of 40.7 seconds. Damn impressive.

    Wil is up first, and explains his silly job. He works as a sword fighter in a Medieval show in Las Vegas. I guess that makes it ok. He gets going and ends up hanging underneath the pole. He makes it to the end, and has a bit of trouble unclipping the flag. He gets it eventually, and makes it back to the platform and is able to pull himself back up. He heads out on the second pole, and again has trouble with the flag. He ends up ripping it off the clip, and for doing that he is assessed a 10 second penalty. Wil still finishes with a solid time of 55.3.

    Albert is up next, and if he wins, he’ll use the money to move out of his parent’s place. Nice. He starts out struggling, but stays with it. He comes close to falling, but manages to pull himself up onto the platform. He makes it out on the second pole, and releases the flag for a time of 1:35. Have to give him credit for sticking with it.

    Jason finishes this stunt, and has a bunch of trouble too. He wastes time trying to right himself at the end of the first pole, and that might cost him. He gives up on that idea, unclips the flag, and heads back to the platform. Jason makes it to the second pole, but it seems like it’s taking a long time. He finally gets the last flag and finishes in 1:37. Oh so close, but see ya Jason.

    The remaining 4 walk along the beach and find Joe standing in front of a small table.

    A Day at the Beach
    Contestants will be shackled by the hands to a stake in the sand. They must roll around to free themselves from the stake, as the shackles are on a threaded bolt attached to the stake. Once they are free, they will head into the water and swim out to a buoy. At the buoy they must unlock a small treasure chest, using 1 of 3 keys, and bring it back to the table. At the table, they must unlock the chest and eat the contents – 7 live sand crabs. The person with the slowest time will be sent home, and the one with the fastest time will get to pick the order for the next stunt.

    Albert is up first, and claims victory. Uh oh. He begins spinning like a mad man, and frees himself after about a minute. He gets up and dizzily stumbles his way towards the water. He has all sorts of trouble with the surf, as the waves pound him and continuously push him back to shore. The waves prove to be too much for him, and he needs to be saved by the rescue diver at just over 3 minutes. Looks like Al isn’t moving out.

    Tamica is up next, and strips down to reveal a lovely yellow bikini. She starts spinning and frees herself at about a minute and a half. She makes it out to the buoy, struggles with the keys a bit, and manages to unlock it at around 6 minutes. Tamica gets back to the table and starts eating. She makes all kinds of faces as she fights to get them down. She does, and finishes in 8:53.6.

    Wil is next, and decides to do the stunt in his underwear. I guess that’s a shoutout for the ladies watching at home. He gets going, and is on a similar pace as Tamica. He frees the chest about a minute faster than her though, and heads back to shore. He starts eating, and it isn’t pretty, he is gagging with every bite. Wil does manage to get them all down and finishes in 8:43. He then runs off to blow chunks.

    Holley finishes the stunt in a blue, white, and yellow tie dyed bikini. I zone out for a minute as the camera slowly pans over Holley as she is shackled to the stake. Mercy. She takes off spinning, and frees herself in under a minute. She gets to the buoy and frees the chest at 3:45, and heads back to shore with a big lead. She chomps on the critters as crab juice squirts from her mouth, and finishes in 6:50.

    The final 3 walk along the pier of a shipyard and meet up with Joe. He congratulates them on making it this far and shows them the last stunt:

    Round & Round
    A car is suspended by the nose and tail above the water. As it spins like a rotisserie, contestants must move around it and release as many flags as possible before falling off. The person that gets the most flags the fastest will win.

    Tamica is chosen to go first. She begins and seems to be doing well…until the car is sideways. It looks like she forgot to climb around, and remembered when it was too late. She falls, finishing with 8 flags.

    Wil goes next, and plans to spaz his way through this too. And he does just that. He moves very well around the car as it makes a full revolution and begins to speed up. He hangs on a bit longer and finishes with 15 flags.

    It all comes down to Holley. She gets into position and gets going. She starts very well too, getting 10 with the first revolution. You can see her start to struggle as it speeds up, but she pushes on. Holley manages to get 14, tries to hang onto the wheel-well and ride it around, but loses her grip and falls.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, William is your Fear Factor champion!

    Please send money to jr@fansofrealitytv.com , I need a big screen TV.

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    I missed this episode. Thanks for the recap.

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