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Thread: Fear Factor "Couples - Round 5" 02-09-04

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    Fear Factor "Couples - Round 5" 02-09-04

    Fear Factor 02-09-04

    We’re getting closer folks, so close I can smell it. Or…maybe that’s just an upcoming stunt? Let’s crank up episode #5 of “Couples” Fear Factor.

    The remaining 4 couples make their way through a rock quarry and meet up with host Joe Rogan. He welcomes them, congratulates them on making it this far, and lets them know that no one will be leaving after the next stunt.

    Just Hanging Around
    A rectangular structure, made of 6 inch wide beams, is suspended over 200 feet above the quarry. Couples will stand on opposite sides, each holding an end of a rope. The ladies will have to lean outwards and grab 6 flags that are positioned at increasing distances. The couple that gets the most flags the fastest will win a pair of brand new Mazda “3” 5-door coupes.

    Meghan & James are up first, and will try again to win something. They get into position and get underway. They start slowly, manage to grab 3, and really bog down going for the 4th. She is able to grab it, but they both fall from the beams. 4 flags in 4:30.5 seconds. James lets out an “I love you”, only to be countered with “I’m going to throw up”. Ah, how sweet.

    Adam & Meg are up next, and promise not to fight…for today. They get ready and get going. Somehow, they manage to communicate and work well together, and steadily make it all the way to the end. At the last flag, she’s almost at a 45 degree angle as she leans out to snag it for a time of 1:49.6.

    Todd & Rachel are next, and Joe comments to the rest that Todd is terrified of Rach, “she’s like his mommy”. Ouch. They start moving slowly, and are in trouble by the second flag. At almost 3 /12 minutes, she grabs the second one. She’s really starting to freak out now, as they slowly make their way to flag #3. At around 5 minutes, Joe starts to heckle them, saying that the 2005 models will be out by the time they finish. The gang on the ground then decided to drop trou and moon them. Rach gives up at 5:30, but Todd is too much of a wuss to say anything to her though.

    Jackson & Monica close this stunt, and we learn that Monica used to be a gymnast. My god, she just keeps getting better. They get off to a quick start and more right down he line without much trouble. I would just like to state that safety harnesses are a wonderful thing. While going for the last one, she is stretched as far as possible. Well ahead of the pace, she reaches but misses it by maybe an inch, Oh so close, but unfortunately, Adam & Meg win another prize.

    The gang makes their way through a warehouse and meets up with Joe, who is standing in front of a clear box. He lets them know that, once again, no one will be leaving after this stunt. The winner will receive a “high roller’s weekend” at the Mandalay Bay casino in LasVegas, including airfare, a penthouse suite for 3 nights, the use of a limo, and 5 thousand dollars spending money.

    You Dirty Rat
    The ladies will lie in a clear coffin-like box. They will then have chicken feet dumped on them, and finally, topped off with live rats. The men will have to dig through the rats to find 10 chicken feet and transfer them into a box one at a time using only their mouths. The couple with the fastest time will win a weekend trip to Las Vegas.

    Meghan & James are first again, and hoping to win…again. She lies down in the box, Joe dumps the chicken feet on top of her, and the staff dumps 3 buckets full of live rats on top of her. He gets the countdown and gets right to work. Even though he doesn’t like rats, James keeps a steady pace to finish in 1:13.8. Maybe they finally have a shot. On her way back to the group, Meghan hugs Monica and I come this close () to passing out.

    Adam & Meg step up, and she’s nervous already. As soon as the rats are dumped in she loses it and tries to sit up. She screams and cries that she doesn’t want to do it, and then quits. Adam, being the gentleman that he is, doesn’t even bother to console her. Instead, he just sulks like a 5 year old. This, of course, leads to another fight - lots of F-bombs and the threat of a slap.

    Rachel & Todd are up next. As they get underway, Rachel’s words of encouragement sound a lot like nagging to me. Nails on a chalkboard would be heaven compared to this. Just think Todd, this is what you have to look forward to, good luck. The hen-pecked Todd moves quickly and grabs the last leg in a time of 41.2 seconds. A&M continue to argue.

    Jackson & Monica finish this stunt. She calmly climbs into the box and lays there quietly as the critters are poured on top of her. Jackson gets the countdown and gets right to work. He takes up a fast pace and keeps it to the end to finish in 35.2 seconds. These 2 are going to Vegas.

    The couples now make their way through a lot, and end up standing in front of a pool.

    Damsel in Distress
    One member will be suspended above the pool, tethered by each limb. The other half of the couple must swim to the other end of each of the cables that are attached to the bottom of the pool. At each cable they will swim down to the wire cutters and clip the wire releasing one of the tethers. When all of the wires are cut, the person will drop into the pool and must swim over to the side and release a flag. The fastest couple will win 10 grand, and the slowest couple will be sent home.

    Yet another chance for Meghan & James, as they kick this off. Meghan gets hooked up and is lifted above the pool, and damn, does she look hot hanging there. James gets the countdown and dives in, heading straight for the first cable. He makes pretty good time through all for, and Meghan plunges into the pool. She makes it to the side and grabs the flag in a time of 1:22.6. Meghan looks great dripping wet, there has to be a prize for that. Right?

    Rachel & Todd are next, and even though Rach is a better swimmer, she will be strung up. Todd, I’ll give you one last bit of advice – leave her up there. Just run, now. I’m sure you’ll get a good head start before they get her down. They get going, and he is ahead of the pace through the first 3. He has a little trouble on #4, and has to come back up for air before making another attempt. We hear the shrill wail of Rach telling him to “go, hurry up”. Yeah, I guess it’s not important for him to breathe. Ugh. He eventually cuts it, and she drops into the pool. She reaches the flag in 1:24.9, and starts in with her passive aggression. He apologizes, and she states “you don’t have to be sorry, I just thought you’d go faster”. What a keeper.

    Jackson & Monica are up next, and I come close to fainting again as Monica is suspended by her appendages. Jackson takes off, and quickly moves through the cables. As Monica splashes down, I wish I was the towel boy for this event. She races over to the side and grabs the flag in a time of 1:02.1.

    Adam & Meg finish this stunt. What are the odds of both of them drowning? Like the others, Meg will be hung (if only). Adam takes off and flies through all of the cables. Meg hits the water and heads straight for the flag. She gets there in 1:01.5. Damn them again, another prize. If they were only a little bit civil, I could get behind them.

    Rach tears up, and basically tells Todd not to touch her. Dude, if seeing this on TV hasn’t sent up any red flags, then I can’t help you. You are a defeated man. Rach and Todd are going home, but at least they were able to win some cash, they leave with 20 grand for winning 2 events.

    And then there were 3…

    Next week: See which couple takes home the million in the “Couples” final episode. Also, because NBC really loves you, a special Tuesday edition featuring 4 wild & crazy stunts.

    To contact the author send mail to jr@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR
    I would just like to state that safety harnesses are a wonderful thing.
    When I saw her in the harness I thought of you!

    Quote Originally Posted by JR
    Nails on a chalkboard would be heaven compared to this. Just think Todd, this is what you have to look forward to, good luck.

    Like the others, Meg will be hung (if only).
    it's like you type what I think! Thanks for the recap
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    Nice recap.

    As I was watching, I was wondering "What is JR going to say about this?"

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    missed this one, darn it....

    Anyone have screenshots of Monica during these stunts... or better yet a greatest clips compilation to burn to DVD of her???

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    Forgot to comment on this one. As always, terrific.

    I would just like to state that safety harnesses are a wonderful thing.
    Amen, my brother!!!
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