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Thread: 2-9 Discussion thread **Spoilers**

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    Cali, the official list from the site:

    -Won an STA Travel Experience to Africa for a safari
    -Won 2 Jeep Wrangler Xs for fastest time(stolen by Melissa & Jim)
    -Won an STA Travel Experience to Spain to run with the bulls
    -2 Sony Cyber Shot underwater Digital Cameras and $10,000
    -Won 2 brand new 'Mazda Three 5 Doors'
    -$10,000 for first place finish on third stunt

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    Does anyone know off hand how much Meg and what's his name have won already?
    Too much IMO.

    I can not wait until next week's show. I think that the spiders may be the deciding factor. If Meg freaked out with the rats I can only hope that she does the same with the spiders. I want to see Monica and Jackson win but would even be okay if it was Meghan and James. Just as long as it is not Meg and Adam. Granted they are great physically but they have horrible personalities and just are not nice people.

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