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Thread: Fear Factor Parties?

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    Fear Factor Parties?

    Does anyone here ever have Fear Factor parties?

    We do. We ususally get between 4-10 people together every Monday night, including our kids, and watch the show. It's fun! A couple of times we even had a Fear Factor pre-party where the kids did some fear-factor-ish stunts. (not any REAL gross stuff). We cooked large pasta shells, put ranch dressing and green food coloring, and the kids had to transfer the shells from one bowl to another, about 4 feet away, using only their mouths. We did some water stunts in the yard; some appetizers and goodies that looked gross, but tasted good. (Did you ever make "dirt" - pudding and oreo crumbs, with gummy worms)! We had about 14 kids here once for that! We even made invitations with the fear factor logo, and when we started, we said the standard "Joe Rogan" disclaimer that he says at the beginning of the show.

    Does anyone else do this? (or are we nuts????)

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    That sounds really fun, TracyAnn! Never done that myself, but I wouldn't call you nuts. We always have Survivor Kickoff parties at the start of each season.

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    First off, yes you are nuts and that sounds like a ton of fun. I've never been to a "themed" TV party, my friends are very lame.

    But the real question is, do you have a helicopter?

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