#416 - Couples - #6
02-09-2004 8:00PM

COUPLES "CHICKEN IN" TO WIN -- In the sixth episode of a special seven-part couples contest, four couples remain as the stress of battle takes its toll on another couple. The cycle began with nine pairs of partners - 3 married, 3 engaged and 3 single - squaring off to test their relationships by facing fear as a team and working together to capture an ultimate payoff of $1 million. One challenge which could change the dynamics of the contest puts a contestant into a coffin with 30 chicken feet, only to then be covered in rats. The other partner using only their mouth to recover the most chicken feet advances the pair. Joe Rogan hosts this series in which couples recruited from across the nation must decide if they have the guts and determination to face their most primal fears when confronted with a series of challenging stunts under the supervision of professional Hollywood stunt coordinators. Matt Kunitz ("Real World," "Dog Eat Dog"), John de Mol ("Big Brother") and David Hurwitz are the executive producers of this series from Endemol USA.