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Thread: Joe Rogan: Fear Factor's Host

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    There's definitely some hierarchy battle going on over there. Supposed to be that they intimidate the newbies until either they:

    1. Post porn and shrug off the abuse.

    2. Post porn, shrug off abuse, and give some back.

    3. Leave...never to return again.

    4. Become a professional lurker there.

    For now I'm opting for 2...but eventually I'll get a job and it'll be back to 4. again.

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Hmmm, maybe we SHOULD implement a porn-posting requirement

    Nah, just kidding. We are here to be a welcome rest-stop from the flaming and baiting boards that litter the net. We're the "Pleasantville" of Reality TV.

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    Soccer Kicks Balls cali's Avatar
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    Originally posted by John
    ..... We're the "Pleasantville" of Reality TV.
    Except we're always in color
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Leary cracks me up..

    " If Joe Rogan knows of a way to steal enough material to fill an hour- long special, tell him to let me know so I can stop working my a** off. And if he spent more time worrying about his own career, maybe he'd have a job that doesn't involve watching ex-bartenders eating worms."

    -Dennis Leary, in response to Joe Rogan's claim that he lifted jokes from another comedian.

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    I Hate Joe Rogan

    this guy is about the dumbest, doofiest, dork I've ever seen on tv.
    Everytime I've ever seen him on this stupid show he is ALWAYS YELLING. Give this idiot a microphone for gods sake.
    And, he always repeats the cheesiest line..."lucky number one", "fear wan't a factor for you"...ugh.
    He's so awful he ends up as a co-host on the man-show. Of course...this is america...
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    He is yelling at the people to motivate them, he has a microphone pack. He is a great host, can't wait to catch an episode of him on the Man Show.

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    Too Much Coffee
    Quote Originally Posted by John
    “The best thing about this show,” says Joe Rogan, host of NBC’s reality television series “Fear Factor,” “is that the contestants have no idea if their fear – be it snakes, heights or whatever – will come in to play until the moment they have to perform the stunt..
    And the worst thing about the show is that nobody actually looks afraid when doing any of the stunts. Most look like they are having fun.

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    One of the big reasons I started to watch this show is because of show. I watched "NewsRadio" and so I decided to follow his work on "Fear Factor". And guess what now I love "Fear Factor" not just because of Joe. But because the show is very interesting.

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    Welcome to The FORT RealWorldFan.

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