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Thread: Lexi!

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    Wasn't she a hoot! Definately one of my favorite contestants on Fear Factor of all time, i'm sure many of you found her to be annoying, but i was intrigued by her! I kinda had a feeling she wouldn't win, but i was very surprised when Alessia won, go girl! First female contestant to win this season, and let's hope it's not the last! Great show i thought last night.

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    ack... you're right... about some people finding her annoying
    She got on my last nerve
    I was flipping back and forth between that and JM2 so I missed the ending. 3rd stunt was too gross for me to even watch, I can't imagine doing it
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    I liked Lexi too, although annoying, she kept things interesting and entertaining

    And I was happy to see a female winner for once this season, next week is the all girl show so there's bound to be another lol

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