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Thread: Fear Factor "For a million" 09-22-03 recap

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    Fear Factor "For a million" 09-22-03 recap

    Fear Factor - 09/22/03

    We kick off another season of Fear Factor with a special episode – a 1 million dollar prize. They’ve gathered 12 contestant, 6 men and 6 women, apparently winners of a radio contests or something.

    Since there are 12, I’ll give a quick rundown. First, the ladies:

    Vivian Richardson – Mother from Fullerton, California
    Leeann Flom – Teacher from Great Falls, Virginia
    Katie Ross – College student from Greensboro, North Carolina
    D’Nara Manning – Vet Technician from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Amanda Palencia – Unemployed from Colton, California
    Stephanie Braeklein – Personal Trainer from Tampa, Florida

    And now the guys:
    Durant Fowler – Youth Counselor from Ontario, California
    Joseph Marks – Army from Atlanta, Georgia
    Grant Dawson – Environmental Engineer from West Richland, Washington
    Scott Merrill – Firefighter from Tempe, Arizona
    Eric Bryant – Bartender from Nashville, Tennessee
    Gordon Navarre – Well/Septic Inspector from Waterford, Michigan

    Since I am a complete tool, I missed the first few minutes of the show. I picked it up when Host Joe Rogan was explaining their first stunt to them. So, we’ll get things rolling from there:

    Monkey Bars…of FEAR!
    2 sets of monkey bars are suspended above the water by a helicopter. Contestants will race against each other from one side to the other and have to release 2 flags, one at each end. The winner will move on, the loser will go home.

    Vivian (wearing a nice red and white 2-piece) and Leeann (wearing a lovely blue and white 2-piece) are up first. Joe asks who’s tougher, and Viv says that she’s a former Marine. None of the other contestants give poor Leeann a chance. But I certainly do, hot for teacher anyone? They take off and Leeann jumps to an early lead, making it to her first flag and starting back before Viv finishes one side. Leeann gets the second flag in plenty of time to advance to the next round.

    Next up are D’Nara (wearing a dark blue 2-piece) and Katie (wearing a Baywatch-like 1-piece). A little trash talk between the two, as they get into position. Katie takes a huge lead as D’Nara is barely moving. They both end up falling, but Katie was on her way back so she wins for getting further.

    The last 2 ladies are Amanda (wearing a pretty pink 2-piece) and Stephanie (wearing a baby blue 2-piece). Hmm, they are both winners in my book. I don’t think Amanda will need a life jacket for this, as she comes equipped with her own floatation devices.. Steph starts out with the lead, and Amanda falls soon after. Steph decides to finish it out though, and completes the stunt. On to the men –

    Durant and Joseph are up first. Durant flies through the bars and it isn’t even close. He had enough time to make a sandwich and read the paper. Another military person sent home, that doesn’t look good.

    Grant and Scott are up next, and Scott takes an early lead. Grant catches up and passes him at the midway point to steal a victory.

    Eric and Gordon close this stunt out. Joe comments that Gord has an advantage because he works with “poopy” water all day. Um, ok then. Gordie takes a quick lead and is heading back when he slips and falls into the water. That gives Eric a chance to finish out the stunt and move on to the next round.

    Joe collects the remaining 6 and they head off to the next stunt, which is actually split in two. It’s men against men and women against women in 2 different stunts:

    Leech Coffin
    Contestants will lay in a clear coffin-like box filled with leeches as water is pumped in. There is a pump handle on the inside to force water out, and the 2 that stay in the longest will move on.

    - OR -

    Fear Factor Ham & Eggs
    Contestants must dunk their heads into a container of raw ostrich eggs and collect 5 pig’s tongues using only their mouths. They then must eat 1 of the tongues, and 5 leeches. The 2 with the fastest times will move on.

    Random selection has the women get the coffin and the men are having breakfast.

    First up for the ladies is Katie (wearing a magenta and white 2-piece). She climbs into the box and comments that the few leeches that are in there feel like boogers. Boogers? WTF has this girl been doing in her free time? She works the pump, but it only slows the inevitable. The water covers her face at about a minute and a half, and she manages to stay in there for a full 2 minutes. During her vigorous pumping, it appears that her bikini bottoms have come untied. Eww. She gets up covered in leeches.

    Leeann is up next (wearing the same suit as before) and is a little squeamish. She climbs in and the rest of the leeches are dumped in on top of her. Joe shouts “long strokes on that handle Leeann” and I snicker like a 12 year old. That water covers her head and she calls it quits at 1:13. She too is covered in leeches, and I will gladly volunteer to help her get rid of them.

    Steph (also wearing her suit from the previous stunt) is last for the ladies. She gets the countdown and is under way. Pumping, pumping, pumping, she passes Leeann’s time and moves on. She gets up with leeches hanging out of her bikini bottoms. Again, I will offer my services.

    Eric is up first for the guys, as Joe cracks an egg into the container. He dumps in the rest, and adds the tongues. Eric dives right in and collects his tongues in about 35 seconds. He has a little bit of trouble eating the tongue and gags a few times. The Official Fear Factor Chuck Bucket makes its first appearance as he grabs it and pulls it closer, just to get ready. He manages to keep it all down, and quickly finishes off the leeches in a time of 5:43.

    Durant is up next, he gets the countdown and gets the first tongue right away. He gets his fifth at about 1 minute and begins to chow. He has some trouble with the tongue, and breezes through the leeches to finish in 4:36

    Grant closes this out. He gets the tongues in about 40 seconds and begins to eat. He finishes the tongue at around 3 minutes, and starts on the leeches. He clocks in at 3:45, and that sends Eric home.

    The remaining 4 head off to the next stunt:

    Pendulum…of FEAR!
    A round platform swings back and forth 100 feet above the water. There are 10 flags attached to one side. The 3 contestants that transfer the most flags from one side to the other the fastest will move on. Only the flags that stay attached will count.

    Katie is lucky #1 and afraid of heights. She gets going at a fairly steady pace, but manages to lose 2 flags. After stopping to untangle her safety wire, she finishes with a total of 8.

    Durant is up next, and is carrying his son’s toy lion for inspiration. He too is afraid of heights, and starts a little hesitantly. He drops one of his first flags, but manages to gets the rest for a total of 9.

    Steph is up next, and Joe asks her what she’ll do with the cash if she wins. She says she’ll send the money to her family in Vietnam, because some of them don’t even have homes. She starts slow, and almost loses a flag but is able to snag it out of the air. Slow and steady wins the race as she’s able to transfer all 10.

    Grant finishes this stunt. He starts a little shaky, and loses his first flag. He’s moving pretty slow and drops another flag. He picks up his pace, and it comes down to a matter of seconds. He gets his last flag 5 seconds faster that Katie, sending her home.

    The 3 amigos move on to their next stunt, and arrive at the dock to find:

    Let’s Get Chummy
    A tank is filled with water and rotting, stinking fish parts. There are 8 fisherman’s boots at the bottom of the tank. The 2 contestants that get all 8 boots and hook them onto a net the fastest will move on to the finals. Yum.

    Durant is lucky #1. He goes searching through the churning fish stew and is making pretty good time. He clips his last boot in 1:09. That’s damn impressive, I can almost smell it from here.

    Grant is up next and has a fairly easy time as well. In fact, he’s even better than Durant as he finishes in an amazing 59 seconds. He lets out a silly sounding “Boo-yeah” as he exits the tank.

    All eyes are on Steph (and her lovely blue and white 2-piece), as she gets the first 2 right away. She slows way down though and passes Durant’s time. She is really emotional during her walk of shame voiceover, as now she won’t be able to help the family.

    On to the finals:

    Long Way Down
    Contestants will drive a 4-wheel ATV up a ramp and off of a cliff 200 feet high. The contestant whose ATV lands closest to a flag in the ground below will win.

    Durant wins a coin toss and chooses to go first. As he’s getting strapped in, he starts chanting in “tongues”. I don’t know what he’s saying, and I don’t think he does either. He takes off up the ramp and over the edge, as the bike falls from under him and crashes to the ground. He gets a good bounce and roll, and his official measurement is 26 feet- 1 ¼ inch.

    Grant’s hooked up and ready, as Joe and Durant look on from below. He takes off, and the bike falls almost straight down with hardly any bounce. His official distance is 41 feet- 6 inches.

    Durant is your million dollar champion!

    Next week: Fear Factor returns to Las Vegas for more shenanigans.

    To contact the author, send mail to jr@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Thanks for another awesome recap JR!

    Quote Originally Posted by JR
    She climbs into the box and comments that the few leeches that are in there feel like boogers. Boogers? WTF has this girl been doing in her free time?

    Quote Originally Posted by JR
    During her vigorous pumping, it appears that her bikini bottoms have come untied. Eww. She gets up covered in leeches.
    I was confused for a second. I never expected to see a JR recap that said, "her bikini bottoms have come untied" followed up with an "Ewww". Then I realized the "Ewww" must have been about the leaches.

    I thought it was pretty funny that they "randomly" selected the girls to do the leach filled coffin stunt. Yeah. Right. Randomly. Let's see now...A stunt where someone has to strip down, get wet, go through a vigorous pumping motion that gets everything gigglin', then hop out of a tank squeeling and rubbing themselves. Yeah. What a happy random accident.

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    What? You mean those things don't happen to you all the time?

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    Great recap JR! Better than the actual episode Hee

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    Joe shouts “long strokes on that handle Leeann” and I snicker like a 12 year old.

    Ahhh... nothing like a good JR recap
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    Mark Hewlett

    Man you guys don't know how famous this Mark guy is over here in New Zealand. Since the final fear factor million dollar episode was viewed here in New Zealand all the chicks have been talking about how hot he is. He said something on TV about coming to New Zealand...does anyone know if this is true? They are even talking about him on the radio over here.....anyone have any pics of him even? Ha ha yes we are a pack of desperate chicks ha ha na not really, just admiring the beauty in this world

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