Name: Grant Dawson
Hometown: West Richland, WA
Occupation: Environmental Engineer

I am so glad he made it to the final two tonight! This has probably been the first time I'd been extremely excited watching Fear Factor b/c he lives in the Tri-Cities, won the 98.3 the Key contest (my favorite radior station too!), and wasn't obnoxious/trash talking. I was rooting for him till the end as many other local residents in the area but sadly he didn't win the million dollars. Our local news station's going to show him tonight and he might be in the papers tomorrow. I love you Grant even if you came in second place!

He's also an engineer and I might give him a call sometime (phonebooks finally come in handy lol).


Contestant Grant Dawson found out that ham and eggs prepared "Fear Factor" style actually sucks. After bobbing in gallons of raw ostrich eggs for pig tongues and eating one, he topped it off with a side order of live leeches.

FEAR FACTOR: Between the pig tongue and the leeches which did you think would be more difficult to eat?

GRANT DAWSON: The pig tongue I wasn't too worried about, 'cause I grew up on a ranch so eating that kind of stuff didn't bother me. But the leeches I was nervous about, those things are gross; those are just some disgusting creatures. I was really, really worried about eating those and what they were gonna do to my gut and what they're gonna feel like going down.

FEAR FACTOR: What was your strategy for finding the pig tongues in the raw ostrich egg?

GRANT DAWSON: I started thinking that the real problem was gonna be finding the tongues quick. That seemed to be the trick to get the stunt over with good. When it became my turn, I just focused on it and I knew that I couldn't get so excited that I just sloshed all the egg around and made the tongues hard to find. So I dunked my head in there and I actually started using my tongue to move the other tongues into my mouth. It seemed like forever, though, in there. I was looking at the egg and I realized that I wouldn't be able to open my eyes. Even if I did, I wouldn't be able to see anything under there. I underestimated how gooey and disorientating it was gonna be sticking my head in there. I shoved my head in, and even though it was deep, I slammed my head against the bottom of it. And so it kind of caught me off guard. And then those tongues, they move around. They slosh with all the eggs. I'd just kind of slide 'em over to my teeth and try to get a bite of 'em and move 'em in. It was tough because you couldn't find 'em. And if you moved too fast, the tongue would just slide to the other side of the box. And the egg was so gooey and thick that it kind of felt like you were getting a little claustrophobic. And you couldn't hold your breath real long and you were excited, because you knew you had to go fast.

FEAR FACTOR: Why was eating the pig tongue so time consuming?

GRANT DAWSON: Eating the tongue was hard because it was really chewy. And so if you took too big of a bite, your jaw got tired and you just started thinking I'm taking too long, I'm taking too long. 'Cause you didn't want to choke. Joe suggested taking smaller bites, and I just started treating it like a cob of corn. I tried not to focus on the taste, 'cause it wasn't the greatest tasting piece of meat in the world. I'll tell you that. So I just kept chewing. And my jaw was getting tired. But I knew I couldn't give in.

FEAR FACTOR: What was it like to pick up a leech and put it in your mouth?

GRANT DAWSON: Reaching into that bowl of leeches, I mean, it was gross. I'm not a big fan of leeches, and so in the back of my head I was like are these things gonna suck onto my fingers and am I gonna have trouble getting 'em off my hand when I try to eat 'em? They're really squirmy. So they're hard to get a hold of, which I struggled a little bit with. I threw 'em in my mouth, and it tasted like eating a real big booger. They're slimy and kind'a thick, and it was just nasty. But I knew I had to do it. I had a job to do. They just went straight to the teeth, 'cause I didn't want those things sucking on my gut. So you just started munching away on 'em, trying to use your teeth as much as possible and break 'em up and then just slurp 'em down without thinking about it. And the key was to not really taste 'em. You had to breathe through your mouth and not your nose. I used to do that eating Brussels sprouts as a kid.

(interview from the Fear Factor site at NBC)