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Thread: Fear Factor returns on September 22!

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    Fear Factor returns on September 22!

    Fear Factor will return for an all-new season on Monday, September 22.

    Highlights of the new season special episodes:

    $1 MILLION SEASON PREMIERE -- The new season will begin with a special two-hour episode comprised of contestants selected from a nationwide search held in conjunction with Clear Channel radio stations -- and featuring a grand prize of a cool $1 million.

    HOLIDAY SPECIALS -- Halloween “Fear Factor” style has more tricks than treats and come Christmas time the show will be serving up some “holiday fear.”

    MISS USA 2004 ‘FEAR FACTOR’ - Before competing in the “Miss USA 2004” competition, six pageant contestants must stare fear in the eye.

    ALL FEMALE EPISODE - It’s “ladies night out” when six women compete head-to-head to choose the distaff champion.

    FAMILY ‘FEAR FACTOR’ - A quartet of parents and their young children compete as teams in what promises to truly give new meaning to the phrase “family feud.”

    “THE SEVEN ‘FEAR’ ITCH” COUPLES EPISODES - A series of seven shows featuring all couples will be the ultimate tests of true relationships for couples who will face fear as a team while factoring in how to best work with one another to capture an ultimate payoff of $1 million. They’ll likely discover that communication and working together as a couple in extreme situations is the ultimate “Fear Factor.”

    ‘FEAR FACTOR’ LAS VEGAS, BABY! - Last season’s Las Vegas-based episode scored the highest rating in the series history as more than 18 million viewers took a nocturnal trip down “Sin City’s” notorious Strip. This time, the series ups the ante in a special two-part episode with a jackpot worth $100,000 and a final challenge in which the winner will be required to bet half of the winnings on one hand of blackjack.

    WE’LL TAKE MANHATTAN - The “city that never sleeps” will be kept wide awake as the “Fear Factor” contestants face challenges around New York City guaranteed to make the most jaded and cosmopolitan Manhattanites take more than a New York minute to take notice.

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    I am so impressed with the ratings this show draws, it doesn't seem like a show that should win it's timeslot ever, but it does or comes close ... I don't like the show personally, they should put it head to head with Dog Eat Dog (are they on the same channel?)

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    yes, Fear Factor and Dog Eat Dog are both NBC shows.
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    Jughead Jones
    I'm definitely gonna tune in.

    If there's a competition where they have to drink blood though, I may turn away!

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    I doubt they do much with drinking blood.

    It's been done on Survivor (Season 3: Africa, episode 2), and they've had a stunt (The all gross-out stunts episode) where the contestants had to bob for rings in 50 gallons of cow blood.

    Hope this helps!

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    oh I can hardly wait I love Fear Factor

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    Too Much Coffee
    I have been a hardcore, faithful fear factor fan since the beginning. I haven't missed an episode. But the show is losing it's steam. It's formula is getting old; it needs new varieties of stunts. Half of the stunts don't even seem to induce fear; contestants rarely seem to ever show any fear. Maybe once in a blue moon they will throw in something really different, like the nude runway modelling from a couple seasons ago. But watching people happily dangle from helicopters over water or drink liver bile has become quite boring.

    Also, their tournament of champions games is pathetic. The stunts look easier than the normal shows where they play for alot less money. It should be: more money = more fearful & difficult. But hasn't worked out that way.

    Edit: Lol. I just tuned in. And guess what the first challenge is for the $1 million is? Another "dangle from a helicopter over water stunt". The originality is gone.
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    I agree, Too Much Coffee, that we've seen the dangle-over-water-on-helicopter stunt way too many times. But I am still looking forward to more.

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