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Thread: Reruns... Horray

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    Reruns... Horray

    *in sarcasm* but hey, they're the best two episones that can air back to back!!! according to my online TV Guide, it consists of the following:

    Episode 3: Best known as "Twinkletoes"' Leap pf Faith Stunt

    Episode 6?: NFL Cheerleaders: So they skipped a few episodes just to air this? I guess that since they picked up so many ratings... why not give it an encore... and I swear that Tiffinay doesn't do a belly flop!!! Note that she tucks in to prevent the impact to her chest, hence, it's not a belly flop!!!

    well, they're airing them back to back starting at 9:00 Sturday... similar to what they did previously, enjoy the encores!!

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    thanks for the info, Arti.

    I sure hope that Mutant Enemy sees this so he can get vidcaps of the cheerleaders episode, as I seem to recall he missed it the first time around.
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    Great find Arti. Yes, let's hope Muntant Enemy is reading this.

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    Mutant Enemy
    Thank you very much LG and Visitor for your PMs to let me know. I would have missed it. I have set my PVR to record and will keep my grubby mitts of the remote until the episode is over. No freeze frames until after.

    I'm even aiming to get the vidcaps up on my site within 24 hours.

    btw I updated my site with Episode 9 - July 15. Now to start on Episode 10.....

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    Mutant Enemy
    So I met my goal of having the NFL Cheerleader captures up withing 24 hours, but now I'm a little tired. I went a little overboard with 186 vidcaps of the cheerleaders and some of Brooke are coming. I also got episode 10 up yesterday. It's actally easier to just vidcaps lots of pics, but it gets tougher to keep them to a reasonable amount, so I went unreasonable. I'm not paying for server space anyway.

    Now I'm only behind by 3 episodes. The good news is I have episodes 2, 11 and 12 on my PVR, but not sure when they will get done. Within the next 2 weeks I hope. :rolleyes

    Thanks again for pointing out that the cheerleaders episode was being replayed.

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    Great job ME!

    For a while there I was concerned if the episode aired in your area. The morons here preempted it for a football game. :mad:

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    Watching the second Celeb Fear Factor repeat tonight and recalling, once again, what an enormous tool Stephen Baldwin is. :-)

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