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Thread: Where can I get dog eat dog videos or caps

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    Where can I get dog eat dog videos or caps

    Hey everyone Well I'm looking of some captures from the Episode 2008 of dog eat dog! I'd love to get the video of the whole tv show or parts of it but i have no idea where i can find it! I'd also like some caps of Spencer Hill from the show when he does the thing at the end in the water u know. I missed it and I'm so disapointed!!! Plz can u help?

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    On the official site it says this was the episode #2008 but says 13 on this site: http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet...6/epid-248244/
    Anyway I want the one where Spencer Hill won so you know what epsisode im talking about right? Plz help me guys!!!

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    sorry, I don't keep this stuff around. recap 'em and leave 'em, that's me.
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