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Thread: Episode 9 Vidcaps

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    Episode 9 Vidcaps

    Wow! I even beat out our wonderful recap from LG this time around. I'll go ahead and post the usual assortment of pics with minimal commentary (Sometimes snark is unavoidable though) and leave the rest to her!

    Our fearless players this week are:

    Sarah Kruger

    Jamaal Knight

    Nicole Farrano

    Matt Marcheschi

    Rose Hyland

    Sean Ellis

    And of course, the ever lovely in a goth kinda way, Brooke Burns

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    On with the stunts:

    Over and Under

    Rope Swing AKA the creative juices of our producers have just about run out.

    Drag Kings - Hopefully LG saw it, since again, I'm not telling who the real man is!

    Leap of Faith

    And with the producers' creative energy completely sapped, our head-to-head this week is hanging onto plexiglass in the rain.

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    Super vidcaps, and now I know how to spell the contestants' names for the recap that is coming, really, I swear it is

    Thanks AVP
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