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Thread: June 17 episode

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    Originally posted by holiday
    I don't get the birthday thing, is she retarded or what's the deal?
    If this helps anyone make sense of the birthday comment....

    This episode was taped roughly mid November 2002.

    So December would be a soon upcoming birthday, closer to a June birthday that just passed, and before a February birthday.

    The producers don't allow retapes cuz you minced some words that you coulda phrased better. Gotta keep it real!

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    cool, guess I don't remember seeing any repeats because I try to avoid them

    Good info about the filming, Thunder, as I know that the premier date was pushed back a couple of times, as soon as I'd get all psyched to recap, it would disappear off the schedule again. Yeah, that is rather pathetic of me.
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    ahhh... closer to the taping date... at least that makes sense
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