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Thread: Season 2, Episode 6 Dec 21, 2010

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    Re: Season 2, Episode 6 Dec 21, 2010

    Calvin is very talented but he can't work as a team. Doesn't matter if he said in the very begining that he wanted to work alone. That's not how the program runs. He should have quit right then if he felt that strongly. The judges are in the wrong for continuing to allow him to stay when he doesn't fit the criteria (team), admits it, refuses to do it, etc. Why should he get special dispensation?
    Cesar's head is getting a little too big. He thinks he carries the entire team but apparently not from this last showing.
    Iman comes off as ridiculous with her preten diva performance.
    What I like more about Project Runway is that we get to watch the contestants work on their clothes. We hardly get to see anything during the work time that would allow me to know before the showing who's is what. On the runway, I never know who's work I'm seeing because so little of it was shown beforehand. Also the setting is so dark and gloomy which makes any dark colored clothes difficult to discern.
    This show is dying a slow death.

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    Re: Season 2, Episode 6 Dec 21, 2010

    I do not like Iman at all. She is so cold and abrasive. I do not much like Heidi Klum either, but at least she laughs a little bit sometimes.

    I do not like competitions like this put into teams. It is never a fair way to do it, and it never lets the person shine. I do agree though that if Calvin showed up, and that is the way it was announced either put up or shut up and leave.

    I like this show, but it needs some huge changes mainly get a good hostess.

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