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Thread: The Fashion Show on Bravo

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    The Fashion Show on Bravo

    Is there a thread for this show yet? If not, then mind if I start one?

    I only heard of this show recently, so I didn't see the first season. I'm a Project Runway viewer, so I have to confess I was hesitant about this show since it was so different. I must say, though, that TFS is now growing on me. I think I'm liking it better than PR.

    There's still drama but the contestants are not in it just for themselves. They have to work together and try to overcome their differences. It's cool seeing the shows they put together. And, although he's no Tim Gunn, I like Isaac Mizrahi. I'm even liking Iman.

    This week I definitely thought House of Nami should have won. They had beautiful dresses, and it was incredible how they all worked together to make a cohesive collection. The other team looked like, well, six random people thrown together who made individual designs. No cohesion at all. I also felt really sorry for that model in the yellow dress. She might as well have hopped down the runway.

    I also liked the shows. That was cool pulling the fabric off the models, so it's a shame the rest of the show was a bust. I also liked the graphics that showed behind the models for H of N.
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    Re: The Fashion Show on Bravo

    I'm confused as to where we should post about this show (season 2). As of now, I'm jumping between the two, this one and the one on "Shows on Hiatus."
    Am enjoying this season much more than last season, more than the last season of Project Runway..........altho no one can replace Tim for me.
    So far, none of the judges, including the Diva Iman, have fat heads and the superior attitude like they do on PR. I think on PR, Nina and Orange-face Michael Kors have become almost unbearable to watch or listen to.

    Calvin is an arrogant pig but I was very impressed with the engineering of his last dress-backpack-cape. He's perfect for a show like this even if he is annoying as heck!

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