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Thread: The Fashion Show 5/21 Recap: So-So Sewing

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    The Fashion Show 5/21 Recap: So-So Sewing

    Greetings, darlings! I’m a bit late to the party this week, because I just flew home yesterday from the fashion capital of the country, if not the world—New York City. As I walked past Parson’s on Tuesday afternoon, my heart was touched with a pang of longing to see Tim Gunn. Oh, MizRo, you’re just no match for Mr. Gunn. But I have decided I like The Fashion Show for this reason: Isaac Mizrahi’s hair is hysterical and looks like a jug head hat all the time.

    The fix is in.

    Last week Laura was rightfully booted for abuse of red tulle and no one seems to miss her. As the next day dawns and the designers prepare themselves for a new challenge, Reco expresses his dislike for his team. He’s stuck with three teammates who cannot execute a design well and knows he’ll never win if he’s stuck on that team. The designers assemble in their workroom in a non-descript brick warehouse-like building and are greeted by MizRo who promise no rest for the weary or the chic. They first must face the mini-challenge of the day: fixing screwed up garments. There’s a jacket that needs buttons put on and a shoulder pad/lining fix, and a skirt that needs the zipper repaired and the hem put back in. After all, these folks are in fashion and should be able to sew, right? To make things more complicated, the teams have to fix the problems relay-style and have only 35 minutes to complete the challenge. Markus thinks the time restraint is insane; I have to agree—it could take me 35 minutes to just do the buttons alone. The judges will pick a winner overall, and that designer will have immunity from elimination.

    And they’re off! First up is fixing the shoulder pad, then the buttons with 24 minutes remaining. Markus doesn’t know how to sew on a button and bleeds all over the garment. Third up is the zipper repair, which is no easy task. The clock ticks down to 9 minutes and they are still working on the zipper. Finally, it’s hem time, with five minutes left. The clock runs down and the results are reviewed by the judges—MizRo & Laura Brown of the magazine that sponsors this challenge. (Hello…I was serious last week. No free mags in my mailbox, no plug in the recap.) They start with James-Paul’s team. Lidia did a clean job on the shoulder pad/lining fix and James-Paul did well on the buttons. On to Haven’s team they go and she screwed up the by causing some puckering in the skirt and Markus’ button job is not so hot. Finally, on Anna’s team, Andrew did a good job fixing the zipper and Keith didn’t finish putting in the hem. Haven’s team is not a winner, but it’s close between the other two teams. Laura then picks James-Paul’s team as the winner because of Lidia’s excellent job on the shoulder pads; since she did the best job, she gets immunity.

    Coats of many compartments.

    MizRo sends the teams off to figure out who the next head designer will be on each team. Lidia is picked to take over for James-Paul, Daniella takes over for Anna, and Reco takes over for Haven. Reco is happy about this turn of events. MizRo shows up again to announce the elimination challenge: design outerwear for all four seasons, and the coats must have a bit of something extra…like maybe a secret compartment in which to stash a helicopter.

    There are only 14 hours on the clock for this challenge and the teams meet to discuss what the themes will be. Lidia’s and Daneilla’s teams find their inspiration in a traveling woman while Reco goes out on a limb and suggests Aeon Flux as the inspiration. Markus thinks that the idea is a bit too outer space and not enough glamour. Daniella shoots down Andrew’s crazy idea of a trench coat with a clear back. James-Paul is going to make a winter coat that turns into a sleeping bag. Haven wants to design a coat that doubles as a makeup bag. Markus wants to have jewelry storage in his coat.

    After buying fabrics, it’s back to the workroom to get things going. Lidia is making a raincoat with an attached umbrella. Reco is saddled with making all the patterns for his team; he thinks his teammates are delusional and aren’t designers at all. With the call of “okay beetches,” Merlin announces the end of the first day. Back at the apartments, Keith gripes that a coat should just be a coat, not a refrigerator too.

    Day two dawns and Reco is working on a ski suit which will have something to transform into a wrap. Anna is making a longer bomber-style jacket with pockets in the sleeves. Markus can’t even do a stitched lining, which is absurd to even me. Daniella practically designs Andrew’s coat for him, but he can’t seem to get it together.

    MizRo stops by to see what’s going on and to cast meaningful glances at one another. They ask Daniella what who her team’s inspiration woman is; she says their “client” would be an Upper East Side woman carrying a clutch only, so she needs places to store things. Andrew talks about his raincoat that starts out as a short jacket but can be lengthened when it rains. Daniella privately gripes that it’s her design and he’s not even executing it well. Kelly suggests that Andrew has played it safe in the prior two challenges, so Daniella encourages him to make the transition from short jacket to long rain coat dramatic—make the length even greater. Andrew just sits there and mumbles “mmmhmmm” while spacing out.

    MizRo then chats with Lidia’s team; James-Paul shows his winter coat-to-sleeping bag design, and that’s when the eyebrows come up. MizRo then checks out Reco’s team; Isaac notes the four designs have a color story going on and Reco says his inspiration is a trip to Mars. More glances are exchanged amongst the MizRo set. Isaac asks Reco if he’s consulting with his teammates on construction; yes, says Reco—every ten minutes he’s telling them what to do. Johnny thinks Reco is a show-off; he’s making a coat with shoe storage because all women love shoes. Haven is making a summer coat with the cosmetic storage. Isaac notes the odd shape of the coat—it balloons out at the hips, but tight at the top. Haven can’t describe what’s going on, so Reco takes over and explains the pod/storage concept.

    Out in the Gossip Hall, MizRo consult over what they’ve seen. They are worried about Andrew, and Isaac is not thrilled with Haven’s poofy bottomed jacket that looks like the Seattle Space Needle.

    Back in the workroom the models arrive for fitting; Merlin yammers about something, but I seriously think he’s just some third rate imitation John Leguizamo stand-up character. Reco loves his look on the model and James-Paul instructs his model to make the coat into a sleeping bag and lay down on the runway. Markus is still sewing at the end of the day, and Reco can’t help him any more since he has to finish his own garment.

    What, no Snuggie?

    The day of the show on the Triangle of Doom arrives, and it’s time for final touches to be put on the coats. Markus is still sewing and Reco’s ego keeps getting larger by the minute. Hey, at least the dude can sew. Haven works frantically to close up some holes in her coat, but time is up. Angel’s model has a broken zipper but there is no time to fix it; the model will have to figure it out herself.

    Daniella’s team shows first. Keith sends down a silver, short-sleeved summer coat with a removable bottom that doubles as a sunbathing blanket. Andrew shows a copper spring coat; the of the “short” version of the jacket is a bit swing-y and kind of looks like a bubble skirt. It folds down to make a long trench coat and zipper compartments on the sides open up to bring out two long pieces that connect together to make a hood. MizRo loves it. Daniella is not pleased Andrew is taking complete credit for something she pretty much designed herself without his input. Anna shows a fall coat; it’s in a woven tweed material in various shades of brown. The long, somewhat full sleeves come in at the wrist and the coat’s fullness is brought in at the hips by a wide band of more fitted material of the same kind the rest of the coat is made of. There are compartments for a purse, gloves, and a scarf. Finally, Daniella shows a winter coat made of shiny, camel-colored materials. There are layered ruffles on the sleeves that conceal compartments for storing phones, iPods, and the like.

    Lidia’s team is up next. Angel has made a shiny sliver spring coat with 3/4 –length sleeves, a side zipper, and decorative double-breasted buttons. The bottom unzips to make the coat longer, but the zipper is clearly not attached properly and everyone notices. Lidia’s summer coat is made of blue plastic material and comes with a strange bonnet/hat thing. The side unzips and there’s some kind of other sheath coat thing under it as a lining. I’m not sure what to make of it. Merlin made a fall coat entirely of black heavy material. It’s got a big hood on it and tons of zippers. The coat holds a little plastic backpack to carry the hood if the coat gets too hot. Finally, James-Paul shows his winter sleeping bag coat; it’s highly constructed, black, and somewhat quilted. The model dances goofily down the runway, takes off the coat, and lies down. Fern Mallis thinks it looks like a casket, which doesn’t put Isaac off, as he’s into caskets. Me, I think it just looks like a cocoon.

    Reco’s team brings up the rear. Johnny’s spring coat is white, short in length with long sleeves, and a bit of an A-line. The back has six shoe bags attached so that when it is hung up in the closet, it acts as a shoe organizer. Haven’s summer coat is sleeveless, fitted at the top, and balloons out at the hips. It’s beige with red piping and the skirt holds all kinds of hair products. Markus’ fall coat is short-sleeved, white, and has a cowl-like neckline. The cowl doubles as a jewelry travel bag. Even the audience can see how poorly he executed the sewing. Finally, Reco’s winter coat is a well-fitted white snow suit with red detailing. The hood has a red short cape that is attached to it and to the back of the snow suit. Unclipping the belt on the suit unfurls the cape, which actually holds stuff, like a Thermos. MizRo loves it and Reco loves their reaction.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…y’all can’t sew. We get it already.

    On the judges’ panel tonight are, of course, Isaac, Kelly, and Fern; joining them is Norma Kamali, the creator of the original sleeping bag coat, the wearer of really bad bridge work, and a fan of Corey Hart, as she’s wearing her sunglasses at what can only be presumed to be night, as the studio is so dark.

    Isaac starts out the panel by saying that overall, they did a good job. However, he notes, there were some seriously sketchy fabric choices; Norma echoes this sentiment, stating that craftsmanship is key when using cheaper fabrics. James-Paul didn’t know Norma would be there, but she liked his homage to her. Lidia’s team is safe, and they sit down. From the audience cards, Daniella’s team won and Reco’s team lost. Reco’s team sits down for a moment while the winner is chosen.

    The models for Daniella’s team come out; Norma really likes Anna’s fall coat, but Isaac thinks the pockets for the gloves in the sleeves isn’t that original of an idea. Fern thinks it’d be great for shoplifting. Fern loves the dramatic length of Andrew’s coat and Norma thinks it was shown wrong on the Triangle of Doom, but likes it anyway. Isaac comments that the coat looked different in the workroom earlier, and Andrew explains he took their comments to heart and became more focused. Daniella doesn’t want to say it, but it’s apparent on her face she’s not pleased. When prompted she says that she did more than oversee the design as team leader—she designed it, chose the length, and the fabric. Andrew doesn’t agree and says he did the hood. Norma says that as design directors never get the credit and have to suck it up and deal. Then, after some dramatic pauses, Andrew the men’s underwear designer wins the challenge, much to the chagrin of Daniella.

    Reco’s team then faces the judges. Isaac points out that this is the second time in a row the team has lost but then goes on to say that Reco’s design was his favorite and it’s a shame they can’t reward the best look on the losing team. The two worst looks on the team come out—Markus’ and Haven’s coats. Haven’s hair spray toting coat was described as a “hairdresser’s smock with Mickey Mouse ears” by someone in the audience. Haven defends her garment by saying it was funny and she couldn’t think of anything better to put in the coat, since she is always fixing her hair. Fern and Norma each say something that isn’t all that relevant and Haven comes back with being unsure if she should be there, given her lack of sewing skills. At this point, I’m missing the Magical Elves more than Tim Gunn. C’mon editors, at least try to make it make sense! Isaac says her sewing isn’t so bad, but Fern says Haven lacks confidence.

    Thankfully they move on to Markus’ hot mess of a coat. Kelly calls him out on the bad sewing right away. The sleeves are particularly shoddy, but Markus thinks he did a better job than in the prior challenge and that his jewelry roll turned out well. Isaac likes the jewelry roll idea and thought that showed a sense of humor, but Fern thinks it looks like someone selling fake Rolexes on the streets would use. What is up with Fern and all her crime references? Secret life as a NYC street punk, maybe?

    Off in the Deliberation Corridor, the judges discuss what they just heard. Isaac thinks Haven is nowhere near the worst sewer there, but she’s lacking a sensitivity to fabric and shape. Markus is a terrible sewer and hasn’t gotten any better, but he defended his garment better albeit with an inflated ego. So it comes down to confidence problems versus terrible sewing skills. Back out on the Triangle of Doom, Isaac says that they worry he’s a bit of a dreamer and not a designer and lacks the desire to execute them beautifully. He says Haven has more skill than she thinks she does, but without confidence, it’s a tough decision for the judges to make. After just a moment, Isaac sends Markus home and decreases the whining on The Fashion Show by about 40%.

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    Re: The Fashion Show 5/21 Recap: So-So Sewing

    Norma Kamali, the creator of the original sleeping bag coat, the wearer of really bad bridge work, and a fan of Corey Hart, as she’s wearing her sunglasses at what can only be presumed to be night, as the studio is so dark.
    Ha! Im glad someone else noticed that! She needs to lay off the botox as well. I dont think i saw her face move once while she was talking

    Isaac sends Markus home and decreases the whining on The Fashion Show by about 40%.
    Ha! Yea i guess so. True the guy couldnt sew but idk i thought he was kinda cool

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