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Thread: 5/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by watts;3467124;
    I think that Daniela wasn't expecting her idea to be a hit. Why didn't she keep that idea for her garment and had proposed something else for Andrew (like the idea she used on the garment that she made)? Had the idea not worked, would she have wanted an acknowledgement (or would Andrew have blamed her at judging)? Had the execution been poor, would the garment still have won (since execution is a very intrical part at judgement, noting several bottom 2 (or 3) garments landed at the bottom due to poor execution)?
    No, she probably would not have wanted credit. However, the guy might have tried to pass the blame by saying it really wasn't his idea, so he was not inspired. Either way, they were a team.

    As for the bad sewing. Isn't there a try out for this show? Shouldn't sewing be part of the try out or do they load the group w few ppl who are easy to eliminate so the contest is really b/w the others who have better skills?


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    Re: 5/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I still haven't seen this many issues with sewing on project runway, and I really do wonder wth is going on with this show? The challenges are kind of boring... I can't wait to see what they come up with tonight, no longer being in teams... the preview said that the coming show's runway was the best yet, so finally, maybe we'll get to see something worth watching...

    And that's so sad about how the fashion business goes as far as stealing small ideas and not getting credit. :[ If I was Daniella, I wouldn't have said, "I wish I didn't say anything". I would've shrugged and said I was just voicing what honestly happened. I feel so bad for her. I think she is really talented and will obviously make it a lot farther than Andrew in this show. And Reco -- shut up about your bad self!

    I don't feel Kelly Rowland as a host either. She just doesn't hold much appeal... She's no Heidi! I.M. is awesome, though. He's Michael Khors and then some! And Make Me A Supermodel is still on the site, it's just under shows not covered.
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